There was a loud noise when the two armies collided. Many dragons were knocked out at this moment, and several dragons were pierced by spears, and many of them were crushed by the same kind.
However, there are fewer jadeite dragons and more white skeleton dragons.
"Ga!" A white skeleton dragon suddenly raised his sword and cut it at the jade dragon in front of him, but its sword was easily blocked by the other side. Then the jade dragon kicked it in the abdomen, and the white skeleton dragon was suddenly kicked to the ground. At this time, a spear had penetrated its abdomen …
"Ga!" The blade of another white skeleton dragon slashed at the jade dragon head. The jade dragon immediately dodged, then it pulled out its sword and quickly crossed the neck of the white skeleton dragon, and its white head flew out with spewing blood …
Several squeal screams echoed in the plains, and blood was trampled in mud to form rivers, but there were more white skeleton dragons in it.
This is their first contact. There are no other dinosaurs and no special weapons. This time, they hit the white skeleton dragon purely by physical strength, showing their vulnerability.
Maybe they have lived in comfort for too long, and their physical fitness is much worse than that of wild white skeleton dragons. Each jade dragon can easily kill the white skeleton dragons in one-on-one situations, and the jade dragons can easily hide from the white skeleton dragons and repel them with greater strength …
However, the White Skeleton Dragon has another advantage. They are more numerous than the Emerald Dragon. Realizing this situation, the White Skeleton Dragon and its companions jointly besieged the Emerald Dragon to form a two-to-one form. There are two white skeleton dragons whose swords are constantly cutting at an Emerald Dragon. The Emerald Dragon dodges left and right, and crystallizes its shield to resist attacks. Even if it is a pair of two, it will not fall in the wind.
But it’s not so easy to kill the target. When the two armies scuffled, other gray figures also appeared in the southern jungle to observe the battle …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Technical force
Fighting and killing have always reverberated in the plain, and their goal is to set up a scorpion city in the center of the plain. One side wants to protect and the other side wants to occupy it.
Scorpion city is located in the center of the plain, and the plain is surrounded by jungle crystal crazy. It is located on the high platform on the edge of the jungle in the west, observing the battle and observing the top of the highest pyramid in Susumize city.
The leaders of both sides didn’t join the battle, and they all looked at the overall situation to customize their tactics, but they didn’t expect that other creatures also arrived in the southern jungle to observe them
"I didn’t expect them to fight."
These gray figures gathered in the southern jungle, and the skeleton dragons arrived in this battlefield. Some of them have climbed to the trees to observe.
Skeleton dragons make a special observation technique known as pterosaur eyes. Their vision can be enlarged by adjusting pupils. The distance that distant targets can see is similar to that of Jade Dragon’ Yuanyuanmu’.
This ability seems to have been specially exercised by the skeleton dragon, or it was originally Lin, but I don’t know very well. In general, their eyesight is quite strong and they can see far without anything, just like pterosaurs.
"It seems that our king won the battle against the scorpion." Flying spear can see the current situation clearly although it doesn’t have this ability. "It occupied this place after defeating the scorpion. If they meet the white skeleton dragon, a war will definitely break out."
"This is a good opportunity for us, Tucker Chief," liddell and Tucker also said to liddell. "We can take this opportunity to attack the white skeleton dragons and attack them, and they will be destroyed!"
"You’d better not do this," said Fei Mao. "If you beat off the white skeleton dragon, the king will regard you as an opponent."
"That’s right, let’s observe one more time …" Tucker said. "We can wait for the opportunity to find out where their leader is …"
"Ga ah ah ah!"
The fighting has been going on for quite a while, but there are no signs of fatigue on both sides. The Jade Dragon has strong physical strength and the White Skeleton Dragons have suffered more casualties. They have adopted a tactic of fighting while retreating.
Because of the strength gap, it is difficult for them to fight recklessly. The white skeleton dragons have stepped back and took out their crossbows to shoot. They carry crossbows with them, which are lighter and less troublesome than bows and arrows, but they can pick them up at any time to shoot arrows. Many jadeite dragons have fallen to the ground.
However, each crossbow can be filled once because it is finished, but the white skeleton dragon has other special’ weapons’
Bang!’ An emerald dragon’s hand shield blocked the arrow and rushed towards the white skeleton dragon in front. The white skeleton dragon quickly threw the crossbow in his hand and took out a ball to hit the jade dragon’s face.
"Ga?" Jade dragon suddenly felt a bad smell coming at him, and a sticky object covered his eyes. Before it came to wipe, it was pierced by the other side in the abdomen …
Almost every white skeleton dragon has a lot of smelly fish bombs. The white skeleton dragon took out this bomb and hit the jade dragon. The whole battlefield suddenly became stinky, but the real power was not the smell. They used the sticky stuff inside to cover the jade dragon’s eyes or let them slide to the ground.
White skeleton dragon’ special weapon’ is more than this. There is a white skeleton dragon that pulls out a barbed metal while retreating. The Emerald Dragon in front of it directly steps on it. It suddenly screams painfully. The white skeleton dragon immediately takes out a bolt and shoots at the other side’s abdomen.
Some white skeleton dragons have artistic worms. They throw this worm to the ground. If it is stepped on, it will explode. Although it is not harmful, it will make the Jade Dragon fall to the ground, and then it will never get up again.
By carrying all kinds of strange things with him, the white skeleton dragon can temporarily reach a competitive situation with the emerald dragon, but it doesn’t seem to last long
"Ga!" A white skeleton dragon took out a metal stab ball, but before it could throw its neck, it was shot through by an arrow, and its body fell to the ground together.
"Don’t give these strange things scare! This group is very weak! " Black pepper took a long bow, and it shot four white skeleton dragons at a very fast speed, and then it crawled with its feet and kicked an art bug out. This art bug directly hit a white skeleton dragon’s face and then blew up black pepper to create the fifth victim …

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