上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊 桑拿洗浴会所 A pair of big eyes of deep purple Se stick to the face like stickers, with a long face and a long mouth. Behind them, a bunch of short tails that are only two inches are tilted up. The fur of white Se is shiny and smooth, and it turns out to be a white fox as big as a palm!

A pair of big eyes of deep purple Se stick to the face like stickers, with a long face and a long mouth. Behind them, a bunch of short tails that are only two inches are tilted up. The fur of white Se is shiny and smooth, and it turns out to be a white fox as big as a palm!

"Gee … excellent fur is not bad for gloves." Chen Shaobai admitted that the little guy in front of him was cute, but he didn’t give birth to the idea of raising each other at all.
He hunts in the mountains all the year round, although he doesn’t know how to domesticate, but he also knows that these animals are not familiar at all, and all of them are baiwenhang. If he wants to treat them as poultry, he is simply joking with his own xìng life.
When Chen Shaobai was about three years old, there was an autumn magic spring hunter who hunted the mother tiger in the mountains and brought back the cubs with less than a full moon. Everyone admired him. However, one night after half a year, the man was bitten by a tiger cub in his sleep and died.
Although the tiger cub didn’t escape punishment later, and the bones were also soaked in wine, this bloody lesson is still in front of us. This is one of the reasons why he never domesticated eagle dogs.
Besides, if it weren’t for Chen Shaobai’s absorption of thirty percent silver longan medicine xìng, physical quality has soared, I’m afraid to dynamic visual acuity before, simply can’t catch the speed of this seemingly harmless little fox.
With the speed that the swordsman can’t see clearly at the peak, if he is given a fatal blow in his sleep, how to deal with it?
Zi zi zi …
There are two wooden arrows between the fingers of the food, the middle finger and the nameless finger, and the long bow in the hand is quickly pulled into a full moon, and the bowstring made of wooden tendons makes an unbearable sound under the blessing of great force.
The spirit of this purple-pupil white fox is very keen. At the same time, when Chen Shaobai drew his bow and arrow, his body, which was originally biting venison, froze, his short round tail trembled slightly, and his hair exploded, causing a circle of expansion.
"Like cotton candy, so cute …"
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth twitching, just as he was determined to put an arrow, but suddenly from each other’s eyes caught a very human xìng of the cry of the se.
"Is this little fox still J: ng?" Remembering the legends such as crow feeding back in previous lives, he suddenly became interested: "Are you hungry?"
As soon as the words were spoken, Chen Shaobai sneered and shook his head: "The time spent at home is too long, Miao Miao is too clever, and no one who quarrels will be bored to talk to a fox."
But the next moment, Fox’s reaction stunned him.
I saw it beaming with moist purple eyes and nodding, as if afraid that she would be killed by an arrow if she was slow in the first half.
Silence half ring, Chen Shaobai slowly loosen the bowstring, take back the arrow, but take out the waist side for thousands of years, a sword to hold.
The light of dark green Se passed away, and the sharp sword cut one leg of the one-horned elk in half.
Flying it two feet away, Chen Shaobai pointed his long sword at it and said coldly, "I see that you have a spirit, and I don’t want to commit more crimes. This meat is yours, so don’t bother me again. "
The white fox seems to be psychic. When he heard this, he gave Chen Shaobai a grateful look, clawed at the ground with small paws on his limbs, and instantly flashed to the position of the deer leg like an alien phantom.
Once again, I was taken aback by the explosive power of this little guy. Chen Shaobai transported the sword to coagulate, and the sword flowers bloomed on the body of the one-horned elk.
After all, he is a great and skilled hunter, and he also has excellent swordsmanship, so in less than half an hour, he completely stripped off the edible parts and fur of this prey, and even the blood in the meat and fur was shaken out by his sword.
A whole elk, the edible part and the valuable part together, weighs only 80 kilograms, not even a stone.
With spotless deerskin, the blood-soaked and crystal-clear meat was wrapped up. Chen Shaobai was in a good mood. He went to Ri’s house in the city of Ligu. The whole Ri was fighting with people except burying his head in hard work. He had a superb swordsmanship, but he failed to play its role in life.
If his idea is heard by other swordsmen and scholars, I’m afraid he will be criticized immediately. You know, after more than 500 years of edification and public opinion guidance, swordsmanship has become a very sacred thing in Shang countries, and it is used to slaughter chickens and dogs and thin skin and bone? It’s blasphemy
"hmm? Why haven’t you left yet? " See the fox would have a few jins of deer leg chew only bones, Chen Shaobai like to practice the sudden change of face stunt, immediately will face se cold down.
Although he has been hunting in the mountains for fifteen years, Chen Shaobai doesn’t depend on hounds and falcons like other hunters, and he has seen many cunning and ferocity of wild animals in the mountains, so he doesn’t like these animals.
The white fox looked at him piteously with moist purple Se eyes.
"Want to eat?" Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth twitched, also not stingy, took out two pieces of glittering and translucent get rid of from deerskin, casually throw out, also don’t back toward the forest.
Gollum, Gollum.
Two consecutive swallowing sounds came from behind, making Chen Shaobai’s eyelids jump wildly. Through the rhythm of the wind, he sensed that the petite and lovely white fox didn’t have any chewing action, so he directly swallowed the two pieces of venison bigger than its body.
"Feeling wrong?" This is a serious problem. If there is a conflict between the information transmitted by hearing and vision, it is very likely to become a factor in the defeat of sword fighting, and he can’t help but pay attention to it.
Tilting my head, I found that the little fox was leaning back head-on, with a round belly bulging slightly and a very cute appearance.
"Can the fox’s limbs do this?" Chen Shaobai felt that he was too ignorant, and his world outlook collapsed again and again within a few days. "Besides, it is only the size of a palm, how can it be swallowed?"
This doesn’t conform to the laws of physics!
Seeing Chen Shaobai looking back, Fox’s just-bulging belly immediately deflated and looked at him eagerly.
Niang Xipi, does this fellow take me as a mobile meal ticket?
Chen Shaobai left hand carrying meat bag, right hand holding a sword, staggered like scissors, tearing the wind ahead, running back.
After ten consecutive changes of direction, I thought I had dumped the white fox. Chen Shaobai gave me a smile at the corner of her mouth, but at a glance from the corner of her eye, I saw the other side looking at myself eagerly.
"You can’t take it back. Girls have no resistance to this cute little thing. If Miao Miao wants to adopt it, it will be bad!"
Then shout, one person and one fox like crazy, scurrying around in the periphery of the forest.
Such an unusual movement awakened a hibernating mountain overlord.

Chapter 49 The serpent opens his mouth
"Meow meow ….." Fox seems to have forgotten his own purpose, and regarded it as a chase game, playing with enthusiasm.

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