上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊 桑拿洗浴会所 Cheyenne kicked the king with a limp and smiled. "Brother is blessed by heaven. How can a man die so easily!"

Cheyenne kicked the king with a limp and smiled. "Brother is blessed by heaven. How can a man die so easily!"

Su Qingyan squinted at Cheyenne and said, "You should remember this for a long time. You won’t touch people when you see beautiful women again!"
Cheyenne looked at Su Qing Yan. "I was wronged out of kindness. Who knew that people’s hearts had become so sinister that I was kind! Hey, how do you know that the killer is a woman? "
"According to the description of the two players who saved you, I found a suspected killer in the stadium camera. Seriously, that foreign girl is really beautiful." Wang limped and winked at Cheyenne and made a "all men understand" look.
Cheyenne got into the car with everyone, and there were several escort cars beside them to protect them.
"Boss, how on earth did you survive?" Just now, Wang Lame was not able to ask bluntly, but now he can’t wait to ask, because he was born more than others, and the severity of Cheyenne’s injury.
Zou Yu, they have seen Cheyenne lying in a hospital bed with their own eyes. I didn’t expect Cheyenne to recover in less than an hour. How can this not surprise them?
Cheyenne didn’t want to reveal too much before he found out the elixir, so he had to deal with the dean’s rhetoric.
All the people present were intelligent and knowledgeable, so they didn’t continue to ask questions, but turned the topic to another place.
Cheyenne went back to the Emperor Hotel. This time, he no longer lived alone. He followed four kings limping and arranged bodyguards. Cheyenne also said that he now wanted to enter the game to find out the truth.
After entering the game, Cheyenne immediately opened the package and looked at the number of Tianling potions to be continued.
Chapter 34 I didn’t do anything to you, did I
Cheyenne’s eyes suddenly widened when he saw the package showing the number of elixirs. Something was wrong. The number of elixirs did not decrease. It was still the number when he left the game.
What’s going on here?
Then where did the bottle of elixir that I brought into reality come from? Cheyenne has no clue after thinking hard.
Cheyenne carefully recalled the situation in that dark light. Although he caught a glimpse, it was full of equipment, skills, medicines and so on.
Cheyenne slowly replayed in his mind and saw that the light group was really full of things in the game, but most of them were not in his package. He just grabbed it and took it out.
What the hell is that light?
Cheyenne is completely confused, but it must be that if it weren’t for the light group, he would have been in that darkness all the time and probably died in the end. It was the light group that saved Cheyenne’s life.
Now Cheyenne regrets wasting the remaining elixir. He took it out of the game so that he could take it out more later. Unexpectedly, the situation has become more complicated now.
Cheyenne never gave up and looked at the package again. The number of fruit-fruit-spirit potions remained unchanged, and he was sure that the light was not his package.
Disappointed, Cheyenne didn’t have the heart to continue playing the game, quit the game and went to sleep with his head covered. Tonight, he experienced some strange things, and he was a little tired physically and mentally, so he fell asleep soon.
In a trance, Cheyenne seems to have come to a strange world, which is full of all kinds of things in the game, including a lot of equipment, magical potions and many skills that he coveted in his previous life.
Cheyenne went crazy when he saw this situation, and he wanted to put these equipment on himself, but when he reached for a dagger with a dark gold color, it was the same for him to pick it up and change it for something else.
Cheyenne tried his best, but he didn’t even get anything. He was mad and ran around in that world full of treasures, trying one by one. Finally, when he reached for a skill, he picked it up easily this time.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Xia Fang laughed and looked down at the skill. The name says "Hawkeye". This is a hunter’s professional level 5 initial skill with improved vision, high shooting accuracy and hit effect.
Cheyenne finally got one thing, and he set his sights on other skills again.
It’s a pity that Cheyenne couldn’t pick up other skills if he tried. Finally, he set his sights on those bottles and jars of medicine. He still couldn’t carry them, so he went to get the bottle. Finally, he got a small bottle that he had cleaned.
After getting two things, Cheyenne succeeded in trying to pick up other things, and a deep sense of tiredness hit him, and everything in that world became trance and finally disappeared.
The next morning, Cheyenne was woken up by the telephone bell. He felt sore all over as if he was overexertion. At this time, he remembered the situation of picking up things in that world. Cheyenne had no heart and seemed to be overexertion in his dream.
"Cheyenne? I’m Ouyang Mingxin. Where are you? I’ll pick you up. My father wants to see you, "said a woman.
"Who are you? I didn’t do anything to you, did I? " Cheyenne was a little confused and asked, "Did you give the girl to your parents?"?
It’s not a dream, is it
Cheyenne is still thinking. Ouyang Mingxin said over there, "I’m a doctor in the People’s Hospital. My dad wants to thank you when he sees you."
"Thank you?" Cheyenne finally woke up and remembered who Ouyang Mingxin was and asked, "Thank you for what?"
"Yesterday, you gave me the medicine bottle with some medicine left. I poured some medicine into it and gave it to my mother. Her situation immediately improved a lot! When my father heard about it, he wanted to see you to show you the gift of medicine. "
"Sister, thanks won’t do. Your mother is well, so I will continue to sleep. Bye-bye …" Then Cheyenne hung up.
A moment later, Cheyenne’s words rang again. He didn’t want to pay attention to going back to sleep with his head covered, but the other party was very patient. Cheyenne didn’t answer for the first time and called again, then for the third time and the fourth time.
"Elder sister, I’m really sleepy. Tell your dad that I appreciate it or realize it. Will you leave me alone?" Cheyenne grabbed the words and when he got through, it was a complaint.
"Are you Cheyenne? I’m Ouyang Mingxin’s father, Ouyang Han. I’m really sorry to disturb your sleep. You just discussed it well, but I still want to see you in person. You see, sometimes I’m always waiting for you. "There is a gentle man in the words.
Cheyenne suddenly remembered that this Ouyang Han is the vice mayor of Shicheng!
"Oh, it’s the mayor’s adult. I’m really sorry. I didn’t wake up just now. I was talking nonsense." When Xia Anding was sleepy, since he was able to find him, he must have known his true identity. If he didn’t give the vice mayor’s adult a face, it might bring trouble to his company.
Thought of here, Cheyenne hurriedly promised, "Did you just say you wanted to see me? I am always there. "
"You’d better get some sleep. It’s a quarter past six. I’ll ask Mingxin to pick you up at the gate of Emperor Hotel at one o’clock." Ouyang Han said.
Cheyenne dark sigh proved to be furious. The other party even knew that he looked ready at the Emperor Hotel.
"The vice mayor is obviously a celestial potion, but it’s a pity that I really don’t have it at hand. I don’t know if this can pass." Cheyenne sighed and saved the trouble, which was really unexpected.
Cheyenne threw her mobile phone aside and kicked it away. When she was looking for slippers, she caught a glimpse of a white sheet with a faint light and a small bottle next to it.
Where did these things come from?
Cheyenne was very angry and felt that the hotel was so bad that more garbage would come. He picked up the bottle and was about to throw it into the trash can. When he saw the word, he suddenly moved like a lightning strike.
It seems ordinary with that bottle of medicine, but it has caused waves in summer peace of mind to be continued.
Chapter 343 Treat me like a son-in-law
The two Chinese characters on the cover let Cheyenne’s blood surge all over.
It all happened so suddenly that Cheyenne felt extremely unreal.
Last night, I suspected that I had a dream experience. Cheyenne struggled to get a skill and a bottle of medicine in that world full of game objects. Isn’t it the eagle eye skill and the clearing medicine?
This is the eagle eye, so the potion is the clearing potion?
Cheyenne picked up the cleaning agent and looked at it. It was exactly the same as the cleaning agent in his memory. At this time, he was even more sure that these things did not come from his package because although he had the cleaning agent in his hand, he did not have the eagle eye skill.
Potions can be direct, but how to make skills into reality?
Cheyenne picked up the eagle-eye skill and tried to open the fruit. After a dazzling light bloomed, the skill disappeared, and Cheyenne felt his eyes suddenly sharp. Looking at the building from the window, it was like an extra pair of glasses, and even the hand scratch of the waste collector in the building could be clearly seen!
This is the fifteenth floor!
Cheyenne felt the benefits of eagle’s eye, but things didn’t change much nearby, but he looked as clear as before.
This vision is definitely 20 o’clock. What, 5 o’clock vision is simply weak! Hawkeye also adds accuracy and hit effect, but Cheyenne can’t try it.
"Paralysis, I will continue to sleep!" Cheyenne went back to bed hoping to re-enter the world. Last night, he entered the world in a daze. This time, he will bring some cattle back with extreme equipment, magical potions and super skills …
It’s a pity that Cheyenne went back and forth in bed for a long time and fell asleep again.
I can’t run away! Cheyenne comforted herself so much that she couldn’t sleep now, but she would definitely fall asleep at night. It’s the same thing to take it then. Anyway, those things don’t have long legs

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