"Do I pay to hear you say you’re sorry, Dick?"

The sound in the words is not sharp and even mild, but the lines in the words are full of sharp edges.
"I’ve found out where he’s staying, but it’s only a matter of time before I can find out his specific location."
The first sound of the words is very rich, but it is accompanied by a little imperceptible fatigue. "Dick will let me down again. You are a wise man who knows that I invited you to the end. If I don’t get there, I don’t want to do it."
"Yes, sir!"
The other end still seems to have a mild voice. "Did I ask you to check it out?" On who would rather waste than longitudinal "
Dick is dazed. "The person found in front has been ruled out, although the details are not yet lang, but they are also making some progress. If I guess correctly, that person should also be in a town in F province."
The other person heaved a sigh of relief. "Dick has been my most trusted person for many years except Hu. It’s not that easy for Lan Jingkai to want something from me. I want him to regret it for a generation."
Dick didn’t answer the phone, but he didn’t know the meaning of the end goal until the old man hired him heavily.
Hang up, Dick’s eyes flashed, and Lan Jiaan’s defense was so strong that the special forces were armed with live ammunition, not to mention that even flies could not get in if they got into the individual.
It took him a week to break through, but I also got the news from his eyeliner that Lan Chen was not in the main house to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and forty-seven Xiao Qi is angry!
Dick didn’t take back the eyeliner department for fear that it was a diversion from the blue house, but on the other hand, he found out that there were hundreds of blue morning departure messages, and the blue house was so confusing that it was really tricky to spread the fishing net. It took them a little while to check the people one by one, and finally confirmed that blue morning had settled in F province half a month ago by comparing the entrance and exit videos.
Dick’s face changed at this moment, and Yinzhi was immediately replaced by the elite temperament of businessmen. The dark and decent west contains the danger of generate power …
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * See if it’s true? ******************
In view of the fact that someone’s paws were too restless one night, the poor young master was not allowed to climb his bed for two days, so he rolled up ∽wan∽shu∽baa◆nsh↙uba bedding went to the woodshed to spend the long night …
How is it possible!
Xiaoqi refused to let him come, and the more he pulled down the door and the window, he even tore down the roof and had to climb into bed.
Suo Xiaoqi was angry for several days, ignoring people and not talking to him. Seeing that he didn’t cook anything for him.
The thought of Xiao Qi’s face turned red with anger that night. I’ve never seen such a shameless bastard … so shameless as to hook him up? !
So Xiaoqi got angry. I don’t care about Lanchen these days.
Knowing to do something wrong, Lan Chen works like a loyal dog. He should run to the medical department whenever he has a job. Now Grandpa is no different from other workers on the construction site, except that his eyes shine when he sees Dr. Ye.
Now people working in the construction site are not as scared as before when they see Lan Chen. Occasionally, someone can say a few words to him, and the brave can make a little joke with him. Seeing Lan Chen is easy-going, so the number of people around Lan Chen is gradually increasing.
Although it is a favorite effect, my grandfather is good at affinity, but no one dares to stay close to Lan Chen, let alone go back and forth like ordinary workers.
And these two days, let alone the workers, even the usual messenger around Lanchen has not seen anyone. Even the sound of Lanchen has to be far away from the construction site, and everyone is afraid of a plague.
If anyone asks what happened to this blue morning? Enthusiasts must have leaned in to answer your questions.
Well, I quarreled with Dr. Ye. Just watch. As soon as Dr. Ye entered the construction site, the blue morning’s face immediately turned sunny after the rainstorm.
Some people don’t believe there is such a god?
At this time, there was a noise. Dr. Ye came to the construction site with a medical kit.
Sure enough, one second before the blue morning, his face was dead. As soon as he saw Dr. Ye’s figure, he immediately looked like a ghost. He laughed like a flower when he saw a lot of money.
"Little doctor, is this heavy or not? Let me help you with it." Lan Chen said with a flattering face, she was going to get Xiaoqi medical kit.
"no!" Xiaoqi opened the lock with a calm face, entered the door, took out everything one by one, and listed the people in front of him without leaving his eyes.
It’s the third day of blue morning bitterness. How can I go if I go to bed late, don’t sleep for him, don’t cook for him, or go to Wang’s mother’s house to rub breakfast early?
Isn’t it said that husband and wife quarrel at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed? Why is this man so narrow-minded?
"Xiao qi? !” Lan Chen called him carefully. He was really scared. Last night, he opened the window before climbing in.
"Don’t be angry, big man. You don’t have such a small mind!"
Xiaoqi arranged the medicine in his hand as if he didn’t hear it.
"I can’t believe you didn’t have fun that night!" Lan Chen is angry, too. Isn’t that what happened to him that night? What’s the big deal? Besides, they didn’t do the last step.
"Shut up! !” Xiaoqi got a fright and hurried to cover Lanchen’s mouth.
This man … Can he watch an occasion? This kind of words can also shout? Does it have to be heard by everyone?
Be blue with your mouth covered. Someone laughs like a fox, sticks out his tongue and seduces his eyes covering his lips and palms, showing strange brilliance again.
Xiaoqi felt numb in her palms, and when she looked at it like a wolf, her eyes almost went limp and she knelt down.
What a scholar is when he meets a soldier? He is deeply aware of it.
"You give me a serious point!" Xiaoqi lowered her teeth and warned.
Lan Chen picked an eyebrow, but I didn’t look serious, but I teased harder against my palm and tongue.
Xiaoqi pushed the tooth man away and continued to sort out his things, but the wet palm made him restless.
"See what see what see? You have nothing to do, right? No matter how good Dr. Ye looks, it’s also my little doctor who walks around-all working for the old man. "
Blue morning began to catch people, and people laughed and dispersed in a hubbub.
Soon there were two of them left in the medical treatment.

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