"Who else wants to compete with me?"

Koji Murakami repelled the’ thigh Wang Wu’ and helped a group of leaders in the West Lake. He said coldly that the momentum was released and it was very shocking.
"I’ll come"
Just as many leaders of the West Lake Gang were afraid to make another move because of the power of Koji Murakami, a man who was less than 1.7 meters tall but stronger than others came out.
This person is also the leader of the West Lake Gang. His name is Du Dazhuang, and he is very powerful as soon as he is known. Although he knows that he is no match for Koji Murakami, he believes that he has survived the three moves without any problems, so he immediately came out.
"Good. You can do it."
At Du Dazhuang, Koji Murakami said simply
Du Dazhuang walked to the front of Koji Murakami and suddenly squatted a’ Hei Hu Tao Xin’ and went straight to Koji Murakami’s chest.
Du Dazhuang’s punch was faint and powerful, and his speed was fast.
Koji Murakami gave a simple straight punch with a snort in his nose.
Two fists met together.
I heard a crack. Du Dazhuang broke his arm as soon as he heard it.
Du Dazhuang is also a recruit to retreat, but this guy can also hold his arm without calling out.
"Big Brother Cunjun’s martial arts are really fierce. It is expected to kill Zhouyi during the Chinese New Year. This is really a happy thing."
Wei Zhang face with a bloodthirsty murder said to Yan Shaogu.
"Brother, you’re right. Village Jun is really a master. Then we, the West Lake Gang, will be responsible for assisting Shan Jun and Village Jun to find out the whereabouts of Zhouyi. Do you understand that all brothers should obey Shan Jun and Village Jun?"
Yan Shaogu is also in a good mood and laughs at Koji Murakami and Takeda Yamada. "You two have come from afar and I will give you a banquet this evening."
"It’s Wang!"
The leaders of the West Lake gang replied together, just now, Koji Murakami showed his skill to curb them, and their hearts were sharp and sincere.
Yamatakeda Hiroji and Yan Shaogu Wei Zhang hosted a banquet for the headquarters of the West Lake that night and continued to plot against Zhouyi while drinking and eating vegetables.
Finally, the four of them reached an agreement that the West Lake Gang and the Yamaguchi group would not rob the territory with the Zhouyi Sanjin Gang for the first time. Their only priority was to get rid of Zhouyi. Once the Zhouyi West Lake gang attacked Zhou Chi, Qin Feng and Jingge controlled the territory, the Yamaguchi group also sneaked into Hangzhou as scheduled to restore the Yamaguchi group’s Hangzhou stronghold and expand the mainland.
A conspiracy is brewing.
At this time, Zhouyi is the most relaxing time to prepare for the Chinese New Year. He didn’t expect that there would be a leaking fish in Yamatakeda after the Yamaguchi group’s Hangzhou stronghold was incinerated, nor did he expect that Masato, the first master of the Yamaguchi group headquarters, had stared at him and sent Koji Murakami as a thorn in his side to take his life.
December 24th of the lunar calendar is the year of the unification of China.
It’s a nice day, and the sun has smiled for a long time. Red lanterns have been hung in Zhouyi’s villa, and the Huanyu group has already had a holiday. Zhou Fugui has returned home for a rare reunion with his family.
The Zhous are beaming with New Year’s atmosphere.
Zhouyi sent someone to send a gift to Sanjin Gang Wang Sanjin, and Wang Sanjin also gave Zhouyi a gift. Now it is natural that the two of them together suppress Yan Shaogu West Lake Gang.
And Wang Sanjin also realized the strength and potential of Zhouyi, and further concluded that the future of Zhouyi would not be more and more deliberate and friendly with Zhouyi, because he knew that young Zhouyi’s vision in the future might be the whole day, and his goal in this life was just to unify the underworld in Hangzhou. Sooner or later, Zhouyi would become a big tree, and he would be friendly with Zhouyi at this time, so that the big tree of Zhouyi could take the reunion dinner in Chapter 84.
At noon, Zhou Chi, Qin Feng Jingge also came over to have a family reunion dinner with Qinglong and Dragonfly. These two big gangsters killed God in those days, but it was still the dragon who saw the first thing and didn’t see Zhou Fugui []
Zhou Fugui, a domineering man with a little bandit spirit, naturally sat at the reunion dinner table. Zhouyi, the main theme, sat next to Zhou Fugui. Next to Zhouyi was Kexin Yu.
The three of them are Ruyan Liu, the second wife of Zhou Fugui, who is now the absolute core of Zhou’s family. Although Zhou’s family enjoys splendor and is considered an elder, she can’t intervene in Zhou’s family affairs. When Master Zhou Shan came, she said that she wouldn’t let Ruyan Liu intervene in Zhou’s family affairs and promised her a lifetime of prosperity. This woman may have figured it out and entered Zhou’s family for a few months.
Zhou Fugui’s domineering circle is famous, otherwise there would be no nickname Zhou Taizu. It is said that if he attends any government banquet, even the provincial party Committee leaders have to give him some noodles. Now Zhouyi has brought down Zhang Haotian, the former deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee. Many people are Zhou Fugui’s means. It is said that politicians and business people are more afraid of Zhou Fugui and comity to him.
However, Zhou Fugui’s family is still very easy-going. He is still wearing a rich and aggressive gold necklace, and his neck is still dazzling. However, in Zhou Fugui’s position, no one says that he is vulgar, but that he is a person with great personality.
At 12: 30 in the afternoon, a table of food and wine has been served, but the young and the old are in order. Now Master Zhoushan is not rich and rich, and naturally he is an elder. Without chopsticks, others can’t eat first.
With a table full of delicacies and delicacies, Li Hao’s mouth was watering for a long time, but his mother Ruyan Liu winked at him and pinched him at the bottom of the table, so he didn’t move chopsticks first.
After Zhou Fugui finished smoking a cigarette, he said in a friendly way that everyone belongs to the family. Don’t be stiff. He has always been afraid of him when he said this. Li Haocai was relieved to eat.
"Father want to bring something to grandpa? Day I’m going to spend the New Year with my grandpa Zhou Chi. The old man is alone. We should go and play with him as a junior. "
Zhouyi light said to Zhou Fugui
"He doesn’t necessarily like what I bring with me in Zhouyi. He has you in his eyes, Sun and Kexin, but I don’t have you."
Zhou Fugui laughed. "I have prepared several kinds of good tea and tobacco leaves for him. The master likes them, but he certainly likes them. I have to teach me a lesson. I am a pull no punches because these tea and tobacco leaves are all good goods."
"Father, you can’t blame grandpa for being partial, but I will accompany him as soon as I have a holiday. What about you? It seems that I haven’t been back to Yuquan Town in Shandong for ten years. It is estimated that you can’t remember what it is like there now. Kexin and I are one hundred times more filial to our master than you."
Zhouyi replied that he dared to talk to Zhou Fugui in this family, not to mention Li Hao’s family, even before Zhou Fugui in Ruyan Liu.
"Ah, when I was a child, my master didn’t like me. I didn’t like studying at that time. I skipped classes and fought all day. He wanted me to join the army, but I went to the northeast alone. My master almost sent troops to take me back. In recent years, I was too busy to accompany my master to do filial piety. Then you and Zhou Chi can be happy to do it. I will fly to Beijing tomorrow night to talk about a big project. I may spend the Spring Festival outside again this year."

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