上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊 桑拿洗浴会所 Xiao Huangmao’s trick is that those onlookers are going to sneak away. Brother sneers and turns to a few rabbits. "I said, don’t be so busy. Let’s watch the show before it ends!"

Xiao Huangmao’s trick is that those onlookers are going to sneak away. Brother sneers and turns to a few rabbits. "I said, don’t be so busy. Let’s watch the show before it ends!"

"No … I don’t watch it … There are things to do …" One of crew cut was about to slip away without turning his head back to talk, but he was caught by the dry brother. "Then you don’t pay attention to it. Let’s go together if you want to leave!"
Brother gan said that four or five policemen blocked the identity of brother gan. They still heard about it and could take away the sharp little police flower. It was simply a man-level figure. Can they not cooperate?
"Mr. Wang, we brought these kids back to investigate for your trouble …" Du Wei replied with a smile after being put into the police car.
"Where is the fact that I have given you trouble? Just send it away just now, but I still have to leave it to you to deal with this after a few small hours …" Dry elder brother with the wave.
Du Wei nodded with a smile and said goodbye to Brother Gan and left. The onlookers saw that things were solved and gradually dispersed. The four or five policemen also had a look and returned to the scene next to the police car, leaving Brother Gan, Qin Xiaowan and Zhao Yafang and the smart Chery qq.
Qin Xiaowan is very interested to see Zhao Yafang for a while and see the dry elder brother Zhao Yafang like a child who has done something wrong, but the dry elder brother is different. He has the cheek and looks at the little police flower. "Why are you going to Xiaowan?" Enlighten the people? " (today, chapter three is completed, and the day continues. Chapter 519 sets about demolition.
"What do you want to tube … you still think about yourself and I’ll pick you up when I get home late!" Qin Xiaowan gave dry elder brother a white look at his ear "bold" warning.
Dry elder brother wry smile a grandma a bear when a man is easy to be a cow and a horse to earn money to support the family, not to mention having to bear the strong pressure of women’s jealousness and jealousy. Otherwise, the average person would have withered and stretched out his hand. little ass touched the yin heterodox. "It’s not certain who will clean up!"
"Go to you!" Being attacked suddenly by the dry elder brother, the little police flower suddenly felt ashamed and resentful and knocked off the dry elder brother with a guilty conscience and glanced at the police car and found that several colleagues didn’t pay attention to this side before they breathed a sigh of relief. "Come on, I’m leaving. You should send the nurse and sister home quickly. The patient is still waiting for an injection. The delay is a big deal …"
Qin Xiaowan’s jealousy is full of fun, and Zhao Yafang, who has been holding her skirts with her head down, said hello and twisted her tight ass wrapped in the police system. The police car left the dry brother and left the pie mouth to think! I think you want to get an injection tonight. You really didn’t see that this violent little policeman is full of yin!
Dry elder brother yinyin thought of throwing a glance at the shy Zhao Yafang way "Let’s go beauty I’ll send you back …" Said Zhao Yafang, who hit the door and started the car, and answered the co-pilot at once.
"Just … just from the policewoman is your girlfriend?" After getting out of the car, Zhao Yafang looked at the side face of dry elder brother Elegance and was a little guilty and nervous, asking for information.
Dry elder brother smiled and continued the car didn’t go home, so Zhao Yafang stared at dry elder brother’s eyes full of longing. Dry elder brother denied that it was not until near the hospital door that dry elder brother answered, "Sort of, but it’s not formal yet …"
"Oh …" The little nurse was obviously a little disappointed with this answer. She nodded her head and stopped saying anything. Looking at this shy little nurse from the rearview mirror, she couldn’t help but feel a smile on her mouth. Chery qq firmly stopped at the front gate of the First People’s Hospital of the port city. "Feed the beauty …"
"Ah …" I don’t know what I was thinking when I woke up with my head down. I was a little scared and looked at my brother. "Oh … then … then why don’t you go and sit down?"
Brother Gan was really amused by this cute little nurse and invited himself to the hospital. He was not sick, so he waved his hand and handed her the car keys. "Hehe, I’ll call you again if I’m sick …"
"Oh … you see … I … I …" Zhao Yafang nervously took the car keys handed by the elder brother and realized that he had a slip of the tongue and stammered at the elder brother’s eyes full of affection.
"All right, all right …" Brother Gan smiled and waved her hand to show that she didn’t apologize, and then hit the door to get on the bus, but she was stopped by the little nurse just after hitting the door. "So … Can I call you?"
Dry elder brother looked back and smiled, and the sunset mapping was abnormal and manly. He replied, "Of course, I can’t ask for a beautiful woman like you! "said the little nurse smiled and made Zhao Yafang’s longing for love ripple in his heart like a deer bumping into a crush and nodded his head in a good mood. Brother Gan sued the car and went to the hospital.
Brother Gan came to the roadside, pulled out a cigarette, lit a mouthful and dialed Yang Feng’s number. He can’t take a taxi to the special training base. Besides, taxi drivers don’t go that far to the suburbs. Mom got a bus and got a small qq to get rid of his Audi q7. This is really unreasonable!
"Giggle … ah … it’s so cool …" At this time, Yang Feng was really cool. The beautiful woman sat in the co-pilot and watched the little spice girl Zhao Yaqi screaming with a full-power luxury car.
"You slow down, baby …" Yang Feng saw that Zhao Yaqi had been speeding up and urged that this little girl was not paying attention to it. If she met a traffic policeman or someone with bad intentions, she checked the car and exposed it to Yu Pengwei, and then took the opportunity to do some articles, it would be hard to pick up.
Zhao Yaqi didn’t pay attention to this rising root. He was worried about Yang Feng and waved impatiently. "Oh, that’s all right. I can get to one hundred and one qq. It’s just one hundred …" He said with a full face of excitement and continued to step on the gas pedal and increase the speed.
Yang Fengnai shook his head with a wry smile. An open mayor himself was actually cleaned up by a little girl. Fortunately, those officials didn’t see it. Otherwise, I’m afraid that my prestige would be instantly disintegrated. Yang Fengzheng sighed with emotion. His cell phone rang in his pocket and took out a look. It was a call from Brother Gan. He quickly connected "Hey, how about Brother Gan?"
"What? Hurry up and send your brother’s car to me. I want to make you laugh and go to Beijing to bring you Lamborghini. There are still things to do! " Brother Gan criticised and listened to the words and roared over there, knowing that his car was suffering again today.
"Hey hey, this is not where you elder brother? My horse in the past … "Yang Feng hey hey smiled and answered.
Dry elder brother angrily told his position to hang up the words, Yang Feng quickly stopped the hot pepper racing. "Honey, okay, honey, dry elder brother just called me and I hurried over …"
"Oh, I haven’t had enough fun …" Zhao Yaqi grumbled angrily, then remembered what face suddenly turned cloudy and looked at Yang Feng and asked, "By the way, what happened to that dry brother and my sister?"
Yang Feng is really a sister-in-law. Why do you cry and laugh for a while? I just wanted to persuade myself. I didn’t expect others to get better, so I laughed. "Where do I know? I want to know, then go at the gate of the destination people’s hospital." Yang Fenggang said that Zhao Yaqi skillfully turned the corner and set off with a roar.
Zhao Yaqi arrived at the gate of the People’s Hospital in less than 20 minutes at a sharp speed. He met Zhao Yaqi and Yang Feng in tandem, and the car came to him. Before he came to follow, Pepper was excited and shouted, "Brother-in-law, what do you think of my sister?"
Her name is Gange, and she almost gushed out. Grandma is a bear. This little girl is also very spicy. Gange was surprised to see Yang Feng behind the hot pepper. See Yang Feng shrugged his shoulders and made an awkward smile. "Good, good …"
"That’s good. Don’t betray my sister, or I’ll be rude to you. I know all about you!" The little spice girl’s sister Zhao Yafang maintained her interest and threw the car keys to Brother Gan.

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