Suddenly came an attendant standing outside the door slightly nervously.
Immediately qinchuan heart a tight some hesitation instantly returned to normal Sue sit at the door that attendants asked a..
"Things panic? Directly speaking, it is "
Chapter 6 Confucian Garden
"Master, there are two people from outside who call themselves Confucian brothers."
The attendants replied, "And it’s not the first time. They said that the kidnapping of the young lady was unusual and needed further investigation."
"I’ll come later."
Sue said to the attendant and immediately took a look at Qinchuan.
Although he doesn’t know, according to Qin Chuan, this time, Su Xiaoxiao was kidnapped not by gangsters who made money, but by people who practiced magic and fixed the truth. Such a case will naturally be sent to check, and the person to be asked will naturally subdue Qin Chuan, a demon who practiced magic.
So he see qinchuan since is also an inquiry.
After all, Qinchuan’s identity is also extraordinary. He can’t afford to offend Sue’s family.
"Why don’t you go with them?"
Qin Chuanli stood up and said, "There is nothing I don’t want to know why. I can also understand that the black dress person is not a dark door, but it is by no means a good man."
Quit two elders and tease Su Xiaoxiao Qinchuan just followed Sue towards the gate.
But I saw a man and a woman, two young Confucian brothers dressed differently, and there was a golden sword pattern engraved on the chest, and the two of them were angry, which implied extremely strong and fierce spirit.
Qinchuan recognized that pattern.
The Confucian garden is close to the secular world and has set up an institution to hunt down those who catch sins. Although it is not obvious, its strength cannot be underestimated
It is called Yi Jiange.
"Lin Xuan met Su Jiazhu"
The two of them just came out, among them, the woman with an eyebrow and a phoenix eye and a dignified temperament took a few steps and made a ceremony with her eyes firmly fixed on Qinchuan.
Sue nodded her head.
Although the bearer is a Confucian scholar’s brother, it is counted that there is Fuxi Gate behind his Su family, and it is not too humble to show a touch of color.
Then Lin Xuan too much gift is to qinchuan way
"You are the shooter?"
"Qinchuan" Qinchuan should answer and fear.
"It’s because I’ve been chasing criminals for many years that I’ve tried to kill people with ice. This time, I’ve had to punish them. I’ve thanked Fuximen for the people."
Lin Xuan said, "But this case is unusual. We need to keep some files for the funeral. I hope the pavilion will come with us."
Don’t even think about it if you answer Qinchuan.
Lin Xuan’s reasonable attitude is not good, but it is also in line with his own temperament. He also wants to go to the Confucian Garden to have a look at the situation. It is good to leave some eyes on the assassination of the temple in the future. It is also a glad you came to take this opportunity to take a trip to the Confucian Garden
"Uncle Su and go home first."
To the Su Dao a sign for no problem and then follow Lin Xuan to the direction of the Confucian Garden.
Located in the center of Jingzhou city, a manor covers an extremely wide area, with trees and high-rise buildings everywhere, pavilions, pavilions, pavilions and schools gathered in twos and threes to talk about classics and Taoism.
A fragrance came to my face.
Be worthy of a bachelor’s degree in astronomy.
However, this is a foreign garden, and the real core of the Confucian garden is in the garden, which is not cultivated by ordinary people.
Through several squares, the attic hall is turned into the garden.
The only high-rise building in the Confucian Garden that has no fragrance is a chill, which is daunting. All kinds of instruments of torture are placed in the pavilion, and I occasionally rush by. My younger brothers are all friendly and have their own way, and there seems to be a dungeon at the bottom, and there are faint screams and screams.
Deep sin
"Are you saying that this person is a demon monk?"
In the hall, I heard that Qinchuan explained that Lin Xuan had always been as cold as ice, and her face was quite handsome, but she couldn’t help but flush some hongxia, but she soon covered it up.
"Not bad"
Qinchuan replied and immediately stood up. "All I know is that there should be no organization behind this person. There is not much more dark door. If there is nothing, I will leave now."
Suddenly Lin Xuan stopped Qinchuan and asked, "Are you a master of Fuxi who came to Jingzhou but was ordered by his legacy? But something important? "
Smell speech qinchuan chuckle.

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