How to be cheated again!

Ann’s heart is extremely unbalanced, and she is so gullible.
"You’re far away from me … I’m hungry." An Xiaoxiao could hardly hear the sound, and then her cute little belly cooperated with one.
"I’ll buy you milk when you’re good," Jun Yao said with a smile, but he frowned before he came in and went out again.
I’m not happy
It’s clear to him how bad it is to be unhappy and have a black reputation/~ or how bad it is to smile brightly.
Holding Ann’s hand, I groped in the black hole for a while and stared around for a few times.
"Open your eyes in peace." This is called opening your eyes in peace.
But Jun Yao’s hand is tightly holding Ann’s soft little hand. To be honest, it’s very dark to eat tofu and smile brilliantly.
I don’t think it reminds me of Xingcun Jingshi!
"How far is Jun Yao …" Ann asked Jun Yao unnaturally.
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Chapter 12 Good have me (1)
"Not far away" Jun replied vaguely in peace.
"There are two roads to Junyao. Let’s go this way. It’s bright." Ann vomitted to stick out her tongue and said to Junyao wittily ⊙v⊙ Well, it’s so cute.
"It’s cold there. Let’s go this way."
Ann looked up and wondered, "It’s very hot."
"Ghosts are chilly places," Jun Yao said with a smile. "And it’s closer here. I’ve studied it." See Zhong Junyao added.
If Ann heard the ghost horse, she took Jun away, and the other side was darker.
It’s really easy to fool the little guy with a smile. No wonder you like it so much. It’s so cute. Ann didn’t even know she was cheated
"Jun Yao is so dark here."
Of course, it’s longer here than there.
Although I think of Gentle Junyao so much, I still hold out my hand. "Hold my hand or wrap it around my waist, so I won’t be afraid."
"Good" said Ann, holding Jun’s remote hand with flashing eyes.
I didn’t even know it was sold.
No, it’s sold, and it’s counting money for others.
"Well, your hands are so soft." In peace, you followed Jun Yao slowly while ravaging Jun Yao’s’ claws. Well, you have long forgotten the darkness.
"Really? I hope Ann likes it."
Silence, silence, silence
An An still holds Junyao’s hand. "What is so far away from Junyao?" Say still don’t understand to see you away but there is no doubt that you cheated her.
"Well …" Jun Yao held hands in peace and thought about how to say to him in peace.
Anyway, it is impossible to say directly to Ann. Of course, this side is much longer than that side, but it is not so chilly. Just look at the darkness here to understand.
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Chapter 13 Good have me (2)
Generally, dark places are always longer because invisible light is farther away from light.
"You’ll be outside soon, and it’s still dark on the other side." Jun Yao rubbed Ann’s long chestnut hair and put it this way.
Well, Ann nodded. It should be like this.
"So Junyao, is it true or not that you said you would go out and give me milk?" Two eyes shining with standard star eyes are just like this, which can really show Ann’s expectation at this time.
"Of course"
Liu Ximo grabbed the gift bag and was obviously not particularly satisfied with the gift. Sure enough, how could a watch satisfy himself? Then he continued to look at the gift.
"Master, how about this hairpin?" The housekeeper hit the box in his hand and asked Liu Ximo
Liu Ximo nodded and shook his head "forget it"
Although it’s beautiful, Ann must cut her hair. It’s really beautiful if she doesn’t cut her hair. There must be more boys chasing it than when she was cute and cute.
"No" thought of here LiuXiMo tone stiff.
Master Guan Sigh has been waiting for more than ten years, but he has never taken a gift so seriously. It must be a girl.
Young master, spring is here, too.
Liu Ximo stopped the housekeeper when she was about to go out.

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