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North "plop" should fall down. At this time, the dazzling white light of the field has not yet dissipated, and the referee has been forced to close his eyes. At this time, the situation is unclear. Just as he slowly opened a gap, he saw a vague figure that gradually came towards him …

Seeing me slowly approaching the referee, I wanted to tell him the result of the game, but suddenly I had a flash in my mind, and I felt a manic spirit gathering consciousness. Looking back, I couldn’t help but be surprised! I knocked him out. North is getting up from the floor right now! Wrapped in gas! ? That abnormal gas is crazy gas! ? He’s gone crazy! ? Isn’t he dizzy? I quickly took a look at it. At this time, he was staring straight at my side with his eyes vacant. I couldn’t help sighing! This guy has lost consciousness and completed the madness. His appearance is full of murderous look! The referee stepped back a few steps in fear … Before I came to my senses, North had raised his hand and waved his broadsword at me, and he was bound to split me in half like a wild animal! I quickly shook my sword to resist the collision, and I felt that his strength was much stronger. If he went like this, he would have to exhaust his body and not inspire quarrelling. He had to find a way to stop him, or his life would be ruined! I was distracted thinking about a jump around behind him and a palm on his back. He suddenly lost his balance. He leaned forward and fell down, but he got up quickly. He continued to rush at me with his mouth full of drinks. Now he has lost his previous speed, but he can’t feel the pain. This is a bit nerve-racking. I tried to stop him from suddenly having a brainwave while hiding from him! Right! There seems to be no acupuncture here! But when I was a child, I was always crazy. It really made me unable to move for a short time!It’s that crazy old man who didn’t teach me much about this skill, but he peeked at it. He remembered that every acupoint is hidden in all meridians of the body, so it’s not so easy to get to the point unless he learns to’ hit a cow across the mountain’ and point it directly through the skin. Fortunately, he was forced to learn which acupoint to click on before this move. I vaguely recall that the old man always pointed at more than one inch of my armpit and said that it was Qi Hai acupoint. It seems that I have to try to know that I want to circle around him to stun him first, otherwise it will be difficult to get there correctly! Unconscious, North will always watch me swing around and raise my broadsword. I suddenly shine at the moment. When he raises his hand and raises the broadsword, he flashes sideways in the past, and the combination force in his hand carries up the hand of "beating cattle across the mountain" and goes straight to his armpit! Finger strength just heard him roar like a pig! But it seems to have had an effect. Seeing that he seems to be paralyzed and soft, he rolls into a ball and twitches constantly, but he doesn’t keep me still like I am crazy. It seems that I can’t work hard at home …
Slowly, his body became manic and quarrelsome and dissipated. People have been quiet for a lot, but it’s hard to step in. After the madness, quarrelsome and shrinking in his body will definitely cause quarrelsome and self-eating. I quickly lifted him up and transported half of his strength to protect his heart from being invaded … At this time, the white light has gradually dispersed and the students have regained their vision. When they opened their eyes and looked at the ring, they saw two figures sitting in the ring. I don’t know what’s going on. There is a referee who seems to know a little about the situation and dare not intrude …
I read God’s knowledge to see his physical condition, and sure enough, the meridians have been damaged in many places. If I hadn’t protected his heart pulse, I would have gushed out blood, but it would take too long to repair these damaged meridians. So now I can push away the chaos around his heart pulse and keep them from invading the remaining energy for the time being.
I slowly opened my eyes and found that the scene was quiet. The referee looked at us and saw me wake up and asked, "What’s the matter? Him? " I nodded to show that he had fainted, and then I saw him excitedly raising the copper plate in his hand "dong!" " A ring up and drink "14th, lose the ability to fight! Chu Ruohan won the Wushu Finals on 23rd! !” The words just fell! The field suddenly broke into thunderous palms. Although most of them don’t know how it ended later, they have witnessed a blade master gold senior fighter atrix before, which makes them excited! !
"all right! ! The final result has come out! ! The Wushu championship has just been born! ! Twenty-third Chu Ruohan! ! This has blade master quarrelling teenager! This mysterious teenager! ! Now! ! Let’s cheer and celebrate! !” The host excitedly announced that the scene was boiling, but I was not interested in listening to what they shouted. I picked up North and handed it to Tiras. When Lars saw that his eldest brother was defeated, he dared to ask me angrily, "What did you do to my eldest brother?"
"It’s nothing for him. When he wakes up, he will find a way to get better. You’d better take him home quickly." I lightly replied and left the venue around him without waiting for his answer. Then I saw Yali and Suo Na already waiting to see me coming. Yali rushed over and took my hand and said excitedly, "If it’s cold, brother! You are so good that you beat the first North in the college! Come and show me if there is any injury? " Said and turned me up and looked at me.
"Well, I’m really all right? Did you go to see Bitian? Still playing? " I stopped, put my hands on her shoulder, smiled and asked Suo Na to see that I was really okay. I replied with a look of relief, "We just visited your side, but I just heard that it was over there, and it seems that Bitian won."
"Yeah, I didn’t know that stupid dragon was so powerful!" Yali also chimed in and said that I shook my head and secretly smiled at him, but if the orcs lost to humans, what would it be?
"Well, let’s go home." I smiled and took their hands and walked towards Bitian …
"Why? Something on your mind? " After dinner, I saw Bi Tian sitting in the courtyard staring blankly. I went over and patted him on the shoulder and said
"No … it’s just that we lost to you this time. We must win this time." Bi Tianjian replied faintly. Although his face didn’t show anything, I knew that he had been waiting for this battle for a long time and sighed and replied, "Yes … I’m going to fight this monster with you again …"
Prime minister’s office
"What? You said your big brother actually lost? How is this possible? " Prime Minister La Teochen was angry and shouted at Ras.
"It’s dad and kids who can embarrass you," Lars replied with a trembling voice, obviously afraid of his father.
"Lost to who? Isn’t he already the first in the college? What’s more, there is a golden grudge to protect yourself! Who can hurt him? " La teo waved his sleeve and sat down to continue to ask.
"Chu … ChuRe cold" Lars truthfully said it out only to find that Lateo grabbed a glass on the table and smashed it angrily. "It’s him again! No way! It seems that the plan will be implemented as soon as possible! I have to find that adult …
Chapter seventy Evil spirit mage
Final final at noon backyard venue
"Everybody be quiet! Students! After yesterday’s fierce competition, the Wushu championship has been decided! Magic championship! ! The final will be held later! There is no ability to limit them today and they will do their best! Bring us a wonderful game! All right! Now please come to the ring with two contestants! !” The host’s voice just fell off the field, and the students shouted even more! ! Yes, today is finally here. Last night, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep all night. I think Bitian almost heard the host say that, and we all jumped into the ring. When I first arrived, I couldn’t help but be stunned. Today, the referee was Dean Lynn!
"Dean? Why did you come in person? " I looked at one side of the ring and Dean Lynn asked.
"Hehe, today, the two groups of champions have to come to protect the array in person …" Dean Lynn walked over and said to us, "Well, you two just choose your weapons and take your positions."
Weapons? I looked at each other and nodded my head. My hands reminded me of the water magic and immediately turned into a water sword. Of course, Blue Sky has also been an ice swordsman in the handshake … I smiled at Dean Lynn. "This is our weapon."
"Good deep repair …" Dean Lynn couldn’t help but praise and then went on to say, "Please invite two people …" With a jump and a half-lift, the copper plate in his hand was knocked to signal the official competition! One second earlier, we had already rushed towards each other at full speed! Hit together suddenly there was a continuous weapon collision! The ice sword in Bitian’s hand shook and shouted "Long Yetian!" The ice sword hand rotates several times in a row, and when it is swept horizontally, it suddenly turns into a huge dragon tail like a dragon wagging its tail and sweeps towards me! Because I haven’t raised blade master’s quarrelling, I was swept out of several meters away by this beaten pendulum! I cann’t believe my sleeves are frozen ! One side of the dean also looked surprised again and again. Is this so powerful when it is repaired? Can’t help me during the blue sky and then a recruit "mania! Ray element! Everything is full! Thunder and lightning! !” It was dark in an instant, and a flash flashed towards me! When the magic teachers saw it, they shouted, "Ray, advanced magic! ! ?”
See a flash of thunder coming at me! Being smashed to death by this thing is also half-disabled. I no longer hesitate to drink "blade master quarrels!" Instantly gather purple quarrelling around to protect yourself! At this moment, the flash has hit me right in the middle! There was a violent explosion! ! Even the students in the audience felt a twinge of numbness! But before they were surprised, they saw a figure rushing out of it and heading straight for the blue sky! Bitian seems to have expected the ice sword in his hand to shake and drink "Long Bing Wall!" A few meters away, a thick ice wall is frozen out by the knot! However, I rushed over without changing my destination, and made the twentieth move,’ Mix the sky and spin!’ The body spun instantly and quickly formed a small whirlwind to drill towards the ice wall! As soon as it touched the thick ice wall, there was a violent friction, and then it made a hole to go straight through and continue to rush towards the blue sky! When Bi Tian saw it, he frowned and jumped forward to meet him and shouted "Gan Kunding!" Instant hand ice sword out a firm but gentle circle surrounded me! Then I heard him make a gesture to shout "Ban!" The firm but gentle circle around me compresses towards me! I stopped my little whirlwind! But he hasn’t stopped yet. He has come to me, raised his ice sword and cut it at me! I quickly raised my sword to resist the sudden shock from both sides and fell back to the original place! It’s all coherent. I was dumbfounded when I came to the scene! At this time, everyone shook their heads and repeatedly exclaimed! ! Boil into a piece! !
"Ah, it seems that it’s hard to hurt you without the sword god’s quarrelling body …" I shook my head with a wry smile and said that he was smiling. "Although you are still quarrelling with blade master now, it’s much worse than the second time …"
"Ha ha it’s rare to hear you praise me! Ok, then come back, but I will fight for my life! " I was about to raise my hand and jump forward with the water sword, but suddenly a trace of death flashed through my mind! ? This breath is necromancer! Can’t they mix here? I stopped to frown and looked at the blue sky to see him. I also noticed that besides the two of us, the referee dean seemed to vaguely notice something strange and kept whispering.
"It seems that someone has come to disturb our good things …" I said with a bitter face to Bi Tian that he jumped down in front of me and replied, "This is the necromancer’s breath, which seems to be coming for us …"
"What? Is it really a necromancer? !” Dean Lynn’s face changed greatly after hearing our conversation! Jump over busy asked
"Yes, dean, you also know?" I didn’t expect the dean to notice the doubt. Looking at him and asking him to nod, he replied, "Yes, I saw two necromancers in Kadu when I was a child! At that time, almost a dead body in the city was drained of blood, and even when the army came, it was asking for a dead end … Those forces were not something that we humans could resist, but I don’t know that they reappeared like vanishing traces, and now they are afraid that another disaster is coming again … "The dean said, winking at the magic teachers at the venue, and they saw that they had fallen towards us.
"Is something wrong with the Dean?" asked a middle-aged teacher who was the first to come. It seems that they haven’t noticed anything yet.
"You have to be alert! Something big will happen in the horse. Evacuate the students now! " With a serious face, the dean told all the teachers that the dean never made such jokes. One of them seemed to have informed the host, and then he heard the host trembling and shouting, "Dear students! ! Students! ! The game is temporarily stopped! ! Please leave quickly! Don’t ask any reason! Leave quickly! !”
All the students don’t know what’s going on. Look at me. I look at you! ! Suddenly it’s hot and dark! Their consciousness looked in succession and suddenly they heard a burst of cold laughter, which seemed to pierce their nerves and forgot to leave … Then it became darker and darker in insidious smile, and suddenly thunder and lightning flashed out of a black hole and jumped out of the necromancer Lahde! ! Then another skull fell? ! What a skull! He sent this insidious smile just now! Seeing that he came as a skull, he was actually connected by a pair of bones and skeletons! The two eye holes gradually turned into blood red, and then the skeleton slowly grew out of pieces of dry flesh, which expanded behind them! In this way, a red-eye hole of human blood was formed, staring at us repeatedly, and insidious smile shouted "Yes! This moment has finally come! I finally got my wish today! Ha ha! ! !” Insidious smile invaded us directly. I’m not ready with Bitian, but Dean Lynn is already sweating …
"Be careful! He is the evil spirit mage Kedor! " Just as I was in a daze, the sound suddenly sounded. It was Alice! I was so busy that I asked her, "Alice! Did you meditate? Is he Kadoor? ?”
"Well … I just suddenly felt this disgust in meditation. How did you touch him so quickly? !” Immediately came Alice in my mind with a wry smile on her face. "This meditation of yours is that he just popped out of nowhere for many days! I will help you recapture the Eucharist by the way! " Seeing my face changing, Bi Tian looked at me puzzled and said, "What’s the matter with you? Look at his breath. He must be an evil spirit mage. Nice! It seems that we have to have a big fight. "I nodded to strengthen some quarrelling and looked at the evil spirit mage in the middle school …

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