"Are you going to give this sword a name?" He laughed

"Name it."
Qinchuan sighed and thought for a moment, "whatever you want to call it, you can call it Dragon Ridge."
Smell speech dust chuckle followed by eyes a clot a hint of heaven breath yuan divine power suddenly injected into the "Dragon Ridge" magic weapon which is about to be forged successfully. If two strands of magic came from the sky, the ghost breath, a auspicious evil spirit, impacted and condensed into the blade.
Suddenly, the situation changed, and the sun and moonlight changed.
The dark clouds in the sky rolled endlessly, and in an instant it was like the end of the catastrophe.
"Boom …"
Thunder and lightning, the wind roared, and several days of thunder fell from the clouds as if several lines were hanging in the sky, and the dark sky was like day.
Illuminate the whole mountain range.
Tremble the whole Central Plains.
There is no doubt that this "Dragon Ridge" born out of heaven and earth must be a peerless magic weapon. It is conceivable that there must have been several hidden old monsters in the Central Plains at this time, and they are coming here to find different treasures, which will lead to great chaos.
Qinchuan can’t help but call a side float somewhat worried.
Although this master is strong, it is impossible to resist the siege of a rare treasure by many masters. No matter the right way or the wrong way, there is no longer any morality to tell. I have seen this kind of cheating scene in my past life.
At this time, I don’t know if this Jiugong hexagram array can be seen through.
"Don’t worry, Jiugong hexagrams are my own creation, but I can break them."
The dust changed color, and there was an unfathomable yuan divine power. If the magic force, Bian Xianzun, tried to suppress the two smells in the dragon ridge, the fierce confrontation made it gradually merge with the magic forging and gradually reached the final stage.
Qinchuan should say that although the dust is so strong, he can still feel that he can’t find out what the breath is coming towards Hemingfeng.
Even a few people have searched back and forth in this mountain range.
But it is still not found.
Presumably, the dust has collected so many great treasures here that it should have been discovered long ago. How can it wait until today?
Thinking also relaxed some eyes back to the hospital.
At this moment, the dust stands tall and stands in a robe, and the Taoist three flavors of true fire are played to the fullest, and the swordsmen are constantly calcined.
Slowly and gently.
Finally, the top of the clouds seems to be whistling in Yi Long.
Shu ‘er’s wind stopped, and several endless lights on the horizon gradually disappeared. When you blink, you will recover as before, and the sunset will fall on the horizon, and the sunset will be brilliant red.
Dust smiled gently, and suddenly the handprint was removed from the sky, and a true yuan condensed out to attract a steady stream of nimbus from heaven and earth. Then the newly forged magic dispersed, and then Qinchuan smiled faintly, and the magic followed the guidance and flew away.
"dragon ridge"
Light Road One Qinchuan studied this immortal sword named "Dragon Ridge" for a few minutes.
The blade of the sword is a bone-like weapon, but its name is far from the same, but it is definitely a peerless magic weapon in the world. Besides, the sword does not directly hurt people in Taixu Kendo.
A true yuan spreads out and condenses on the blade.
"Dang …"
Immediately, a sword sound seems to be faint, and there is a dragon whistling sound mixed with it, which brings a sense of oppression and dignity, and at the same time, a Y chill is quietly rising.
This praise comes from dust.
Even though he has lived for a hundred years and seen several magic weapons, this dragon ridge is something he has never seen before. He would never have thought of forging such a peerless magic weapon and getting such an accident if he hadn’t been so whimsical in Qinchuan.
Really glad you came!
"Master, is this dragon ridge more beautiful than your town?"
A proud Qin Chuan stood up to hold the dragon ridge and felt very comfortable. Refining it later will also be a great reliance for himself in the Central Plains.
Gave qinchuan a white smell of dust.
"Zhen Yue Naicheng has been honed by several generations of experts. Is it that you have just forged a sword that can be better than a magic weapon? You need to be in the hands of God to get rid of the magic weapon?"
Said quite seriously looking at qinchuan.
"Do you know?"
"brother Bai"
Qinchuan should be such a truth and I don’t know it myself.
Mediocre hands can be ruined even if things come to Xiangongbao one day. The green scale sword is also a magic weapon, but it is not necessarily how powerful it is in the hands of Lu, and it was taken away by Ye Qiuji. I don’t know what that guy did with the sword …
Thinking about qinchuan heart moreover.
I’m not a mediocrity. This dragon ridge will shine in my own hands, which really makes it the predecessor and the latecomer.
"Tonight, you will set off for Xijiang on refining day."
Dust said a bit tired, so he ignored Chudebao and was a bit excited. Qinchuan took a few steps and stepped into his room.

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