上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊 桑拿夜网 Hear Tan Feng speak words Wei Ya immediately flew into a rage, he cold hum a retort and said

Hear Tan Feng speak words Wei Ya immediately flew into a rage, he cold hum a retort and said

"Hum! Climb high? Do you know how many founders in Yuanzhimen have proved successful? How far is my old Wei from heaven and man? Who dares to say that my apprentice has climbed high? A big joke! "
Looking at Wei Ya’s face seems to have moved. It’s really angry that Tan Feng is not good to continue. He has to make amends repeatedly and said
"All right! All right! I said, but you are all my fault. I will always shut up! "
Looking at the parking position for a while, Xu Kerr waved and said
"Hey, you two have quarreled. It seems that the result has been discussed over there. Let’s go there first!"
This opinion is very pertinent. Wei Ya and Tan Feng have no objection, so several people returned to Yang Shen with the deer demon and came near to look at one or two parties blushing. Wei Ya smiled at Yang Shen and said
"How did you think about it?"
In the face of Master’s inquiry, Yang Shen was very shy and said falteringly.
"well! This "
Although it is taboo to act, Wei Ya is indeed a very respectful teacher and said crossly.
"How can a big man do this? Don’t hesitate to let the cat bite your tongue?"
See Yang Shen scolded by Wei Ya deer demon before interface said.
"Let me say! He promised that his children would take my surname and not be a son-in-law! "
As soon as the deer demon said a word, there was an immediate silence, including Wei Ya, and everyone felt petrified.
Tan Fengshen parents naturally toward their younger generation after he woke up patting Yang Shen shoulder and said.
"Now the young people are really moving. Just now, the marriage has not been completed. This time, even the children and their surnames have been studied, which is efficient enough!"
Speaking of those deviant things, Wei Ya actually did more than anyone. Yang Shen hung his head and looked listless. He felt a little guilty in his heart. Wei Ya deliberately laughed and said
"Ha ha ha ha now that things have been settled, it’s all belonging to the family to eat Yang Shen this master banquet! By the way, little girl, I haven’t asked your name yet! "
"My name is 6 Jiumo"
While talking about the deer demon in her mouth, she wrote the words "nine ink" with her slender fingers. I don’t know if she had a spell, and her fingers flashed with faint green light, which reminded people of something strange like jack-o’-lantern.
Deer demon’s last name is 6. That’s not creative! Lamented the sentence Wei Ya face no dew continued
"Then what should be called Jiumo?"
"This is the cause"
I don’t know what a shy deer demon is. At this time, it seems that something difficult has suddenly occurred to me. It is as white as a snowy mountain and ice peak, and the cheeks are flushed and the voice is low.
Volume 15 Section 7 Get a glimpse of the secret
According to the known experience, the more taboos of those ancient races with a long history, the more complicated they will be. Many times, people who don’t know the outside world can’t figure out what they have said wrong, and they will inexplicably offend those members of the ancient races. The ancient demon race has flourished in the human world for millions of years, and the customs and habits accumulated are even more numerous. It is not surprising that people who don’t understand these rules will make a few at a time.
Wei Ya, who had just peeped into the sea of gods, knew something about the snow deer demon clan, but when he saw the fawn demon wriggle, he still couldn’t be careless lest he accidentally met the snow deer demon clan, he quickly added
"Forget it, don’t force it. If it’s inconvenient, don’t talk about it."
After hearing what Wei Ya said, the mood is not normal just now. The deer demon 6 nine ink is generous at this time and replied
"Because people were born with nine black spots."
As the saying goes, "A dragon gives birth to a dragon, a phoenix gives birth to a mouse, and a child can burrow." When a monster breeds offspring, it also depends on the parents’ situation. For example, if both parents are well-educated or one of them is pure-blooded human, the probability of the baby being born in human form will be greatly increased. By original body, I mean that when she was born, she was born in the form of a light snow deer rather than a human baby.
Although monsters don’t belong to human beings, they are born with humanoid monsters, which have inherent advantages in cultivation. It is a matter of being born in the original body for a long time. In the eyes of monsters who live together, it is not decent enough to blame the deer demon for finding it difficult to say.
An epiphany to a clap head Wei Ya relieved a smile and said
"Ha ha ha you like jia baoyu allusions! Jiumo is a good name! "
The deer demon doesn’t know what kind of snow deer he was born in, but Wei Ya knows that the mystery must be the result of inbreeding.
When the ancient demon family moved, Xuelu demon left the team and went west to fend for himself. Since then, it has lived in the alpine snow-capped mountains, and there is little traffic outside. From the memory of Xiaolu demon, Weiya has never seen widespread intermarriage with foreigners. How can you expect human beings to be born without the protection of ancestors after ten thousand years of inbreeding?
However, even if Wei Ya knew all these things, it would be hard for him to tell them publicly. Wei Ya simply turned the page and embarrassed everyone later.
After some narration, the group returned to Tan Fengdi’s six tigers and headed for the scheduled Zhou Pu. However, the atmosphere of returning to the car was very different earlier. On one day, Yang Shen met these two life events, namely, master and betrothal. He felt like living in a dream, and everything seemed so unreal around him. From the back of the car, he sat alone in the last row of the six tigers, silently thinking about his future.
Lives of three women 6 9 ink is a monster but also a female monster. The three beautiful women quickly warmed up and soon became a good relationship with each other, like friends for years.
Wei Ya, the most leisurely, sat in the co-pilot position. Tan Feng talked about something. From time to time, he moved to the rearview mirror and seemed to pay attention to every move.
All the way in Zhou Pu, after eating this Yang Shen’s out-of-pocket master banquet, Yang Shen and Xiaolu Yao were taken back to the villa by Wei Ya.
Although the conditions of Xu Keer’s apartment are good in all aspects, there is only one disadvantage. It is located in a densely populated coastal city. Some people have many eyes and miscellaneous problems. Considering the background of this future apprentice’s daughter-in-law, Wei Ya thinks it’s better to be safe. For the time being, he hasn’t played a leading role in the magic city. It will be more reassuring for children to be placed away from the crowd.
Settled down Yang Shen and six nine ink luggage Wei Ya called two people interview mouth and said.
"Nine ink! After all, betrothal is a big deal. It’s not good to say hello to your family. If others know, they will say that our master and apprentice don’t know etiquette. Should we contact your family? "
Deer demon grew up in the snowy mountains since childhood, and has never been dealt with by human beings. Naturally, he doesn’t understand secular manners. He does things according to his personal likes and dislikes, whether he is deviant and escapes from marriage or believes in the effectiveness of marriage. Six nine ink houses are considered to be a different kind.
Upon hearing Wei Ya’s statement, there is no doubt that he pulled out a piece of paper from his sachet and handed it to Wei Ya with his hands folded in silent prayer for a while and said
"The mountain doesn’t have those convenient machines that can do this!"

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