Liu Eyin came again.

"To prevent anyone from retreating privately, all the silver will be marked by me."
Several streamers suddenly fell from the sky into many silver arms.
"Ah …"
Zhou Jia raised his arm and saw a white scar nai wry smile on his eyes.
He was busy in vain and didn’t get any benefits, but he turned to an extra ban, which made people uncomfortable after all, although it didn’t have much impact.
In order to prevent someone from fleeing the front line, Liu E left such a thing on everyone’s body, including Yuwen Yede.
If you want to escape from the front, he will know.
Nature can’t get better.
In addition, with the help of this thing, you can also feel the neighbors. Of course, before the other party did not cast a spell to cover it up.
You can come for help when necessary.
"Let’s go!"
"Let’s go to Yunping Mountain first."
They nodded in succession.
This is a group of teams going to the front line. Zhou Jia is one of the leaders. His name is Xu Bi, a seventh-order silver.
Several seven orders in Kangcheng have been connected.
They are the last batch.
Xu Bi waved his hand lightly, rolling like water, wrapping more than ten younger brothers around him in Teng and flying into the distance.
Others have their own moves.
There are wings to spread, secrets to cast, and boats to take off.
Zhou Jia controls the breeze and flies slowly in the crowd.
A few days later
When it is less than a thousand miles away from Yunping Mountain, a series of roaring blood-red rays leap in the distant sky.
"It’s a bloody master!"
Xu will face a grave.
"Look who’s being chased by them to help."
Chapter 39 Go to
The Blood Evil Gate is a subordinate force of Tianyuan Alliance, but it defected to the Dark Mother Emperor for some reason as early as 3,000 years ago.
There are many similar things.
Just like today’s Dijiabao, disciples
For several years, due to the lack of opposite control, there has been a rebellion against Tianyuan Alliance, and no dark ethnic group has ever abandoned the dark side.
Therefore, the territory of the ancient gods has shrunk year by year, and the expansion of the dark forces has never stopped
The roar is getting closer and closer.
You can already see that one of the warring sides is covered with black smoke and lotus flower, and the other side is messy and obvious.
"But a friend of Tianyuan Alliance"
The warring parties also found that one of them was shouting with ecstasy.
"We are monks stationed in Yunping Mountain, and we hope you can help us when we encounter trouble here."
Xu will nodded his head and swept the eyes.

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