Emlake’s face suddenly changed

Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Sudden Tathagata!
Xiong Bao ge de Fang
Holding the shoulder against the wall for a moment and smiling leisurely, talking about Smolleke’s sudden change of face.
Pale instead of healthy.
Emlake trembled and sat down against the wall, facing Goethe and Gejilke, who shouted "Leave me alone and leave quickly"
The tone is more anxious than anxious.
Very nervous
A potion appeared in Giercke’s hand, and he rushed to break Emlake’s mouth regardless, and the potion was about to be poured away.
But at this time, there was a claw sticking out of Emlake’s shadow.
Black as ink
And quiet.
Go straight to GeJiErKe vest.
It’s as dark as an ink claw, and when it’s about to touch Gejilke, it will be smashed with a fist.
Dull as thunder, the black claws trembled and retreated into the shadow of Emlake.
Swinging out Goethe is frowned.
There was a cold smell in his palm, trying to break through his flesh-and-blood blockade and enter his heart.
Zila, Zila
Tiny flashes, his palms beating.
Accumulate [Crazy Thunder] and release it instantly.
The subtle flash became a cold breath and was instantly dispersed.
At the same time, an arm thickness flash chain goes straight to Emlake Shadow.
Flash like a fierce white python.
And the dark claws in Emlake’s shadow rushed out again.
One white and one black dogfight
The white python roared and thundered.
The dark claws were wrapped in thunder in an instant, and the breath withered.
At this time, Gejilk poured the medicine into Emlake’s mouth.
Wheezing, wheezing
The archduke exhaled breath.
His face turned rosy gradually, but the tension in his eyes did not go away.
"Be careful this is …"
Emlake just wanted to wake Goethe, and suddenly all the figures were connected together. Goethe, Shila Amzah and Giercke were all involved in Emlake’s shadow.
Then shadows filled the room.
Everyone is disappearing.
Goethe’s eyes changed.
This feeling is similar to entering the "secret realm"
Goethe held the "blood abuse blade" without moving.
Although I don’t know what happened, Goethe knew that danger was approaching.
And it has a sense of erosion after the touch of the black claws. Goethe-Chi chose weapons.
Hoo, hoo

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