上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊 桑拿洗浴会所 "You guessed right, this is indeed a pot of poisonous wine, and the poison inside is our Yin special name’ March Drunk’, and now it ranks second only to the twelve butterflies in the field of cultivating immortals." The man in the temple carefully explained to Guo Yi.

"You guessed right, this is indeed a pot of poisonous wine, and the poison inside is our Yin special name’ March Drunk’, and now it ranks second only to the twelve butterflies in the field of cultivating immortals." The man in the temple carefully explained to Guo Yi.

Guo Yi smiled at the wine-maker. "Yang Dian is bound to reinvent the wheel. You have to know that there is no poison in the sky that can poison me. This is a doctor who once said haha to me!"
After that, Guo Yi looked up and drank the whole pot of poisoned wine!
When the man in the temple saw Guo Yisi, he was immediately satisfied with the poisoned wine and laughed. "Yes, this poison will not kill people, but if you don’t get the antidote after three months, you will be drunk forever and become a living dead person. This is the source of the name’ March Drunk’."
Obviously, this Yangdian doesn’t believe that Guo Yi can treat the poison epidemic as Guo Yi was just a joke.
Guo Yi said, "The chain has also been wrapped in wine and drunk, but my official has not yet landed?"
"all right! Seeing that you are also a rare talent will temporarily seal you as a third-class yin envoy, and you will be responsible for bringing the nine of them to Bodhi Mountain. When you get to Bodhi Mountain and see Yin Nv, everything will be arranged by her. "Yang Dian is serious and cold.
Guo Yi asked, "So I’m their nine bosses now?"
"That’s right. This time, ten of you will go to the Bodhisattva Temple to get something. If it is successful, you can raise the first-class Yin so that nine of them can live to become full members. We always attach importance to genius and say that you are lucky." Yangdian Road
Guo Yi continued to ask, "Then how can I connect the Yinnv Temple?"
"You can’t reach her, but she will take the initiative to find you, because the blue moon mark on your neck chain will be sensed by her." Yangdian Road
Guo Yi muttered, "I can’t feel her?"
"You have too many questions. You should know that the low-level masters of Yin can’t sense the high-level masters. The level of Yin Nu Dian is much higher than yours. Naturally, you can’t find her. Remember that Bodhisattva Mountain must do things with piety. I know that you are a wise man. I hope you can do things smarter." Yang Diandao
Guo Yi is also serious. "Well, the last question is how big is the third-class yin envoy?"
"Yin core master is not much, but everyone is a real master, and most of them are ordinary members, while the surface is the third-class yin, the second-class yin makes the first-class yin make the constant messenger, and the fourth-class is the Yang Dian and the Yin Nv Dian, but the surface is the high yin queen."
Guo Yi frowned. "It turned out to be a lowest-ranking small official that made me happy for nothing."
But when Guo Yi looked at the nine senior masters outside the temple, he immediately swept away the depressed spirit in his heart and showed himself as their boss.
Guo Yi has been the boss of Hua Er Building since he entered the realm of cultivating immortals. This is the first time to be the boss of nine masters. Naturally, there is still a little excitement. If you are the boss, you have to be the boss.
Chapter 21 Yamaraja Ghost King is alive.
Guo Yi’s current dharma master, the first river, can compete with the master of the third river at most, but these nine people have the fourth river at the minimum. Naturally, some people don’t.
The mysterious Yang Temple was the first to jump out on the last day. The old devil, Bones Mountain, listened to the ghost king of the underworld. It would not make Guo Yi look at him with a cold hum and then said, "What’s your name?"
"My name is not Xiao, please call me a third-class yin envoy." Guo Yi smiled with his hands in his arms.
"Bah, you still push your nose and face. What are you? You can die with one finger." Wu Xingtian patted his bald head and sneered.
Wu Xingtian’s voice just fell and she flashed out from behind Guo Yi. She was carrying a huge stone stick on her shoulders and her eyes were blinking like a little girl who loved to play.
Wu Xingtian immediately got a fright after seeing Sisi and shouted, "Oh, my God! How did you get here? "
Wu Xingtian was knocked by Sisi, and now his head still hurts from time to time for two days. He always suspected that it was the sequela of Sisi’s knocking out. There was already a shadow in his heart. At the sight of Sisi, he could even take three steps back and hug the back of his head with his hands.
Sisi looked at Wu Xingtian’s reaction, and suddenly he laughed. It was really a smile, and then he said seriously, "I came to see you specially!"
"No! Please give me a break. My head is still aching. If you hit me with a stick again, I will definitely become stupid. "Wu Xingtian repeatedly retreated. He was really afraid of thinking."
Mr. Ghost, Master Bloody Eyebrow and others are all amazed. I didn’t expect that this beautiful and naive girl turned out to be a corpse emperor, and she was so frightened by Wu Xingtian. What is her position?
You know, Wu Xing Tian Xiu has reached the sixth river of the Dharma Lord, and among the nine of them, it is considered top-notch. Even he is afraid of this girl, and naturally he dare not make a move.
Sisi took a stone stick and crossed the sky ten feet away in one step. "Don’t be nervous. I won’t hit you today. I borrowed money from you and bought a lot of fun and delicious food!"
"Aunt, you told me earlier!" A generation of devil Wu Xingtian was almost scared to collapse by Sisi. In the end, he found that the other party really came to borrow money. His heart once again sighed, "Borrowing money is the uncle these days!"
Wu Xingtian is quite generous. At first, there are three boxes of Lingguo. Each box is full of houses. There are 100,000 Lingguo in it. The 300,000 Lingguo Natural Department has fallen into Guo Yi’s purse, trying to think about it, but it was yelled by Guo Yi. "What do you want? I’ll sell it to you. What are you doing with money? Girls are not beautiful if they are too greedy. Remember that money is a foreign thing. "
"I want to play …" Sisi wronged way.
"What to play? What’s the fun? Girls play what money home embroidery is business "Guo Yi hug sisi side will be three boxes of spirit fruit income spirit palace.
"Beast!" Nine masters are so cursing Guo Yi in their hearts.
The vast expanse of natural disasters in the desert is the most terrible hurricane, which can disturb the virtual and kill the dharma master. No one dares to cross the virtual in the east desert and honestly follow the blood camel team along the ascetic road to the desert.
Blood camel is the most common long-distance means of transportation in the desert, and the average speed of Zhongyuan Kundao in Nanling Wanjiao speedboat is extremely fast than that of traveling 100 million miles a day.
Blood camels are red, even the sweat is red. Their body size is second only to that of real dragons. They are thousands of meters high, just like mountains and deserts moving. Every blood hunchback is stable in a temple. Hundreds of people live in Kona like a small castle.
Guo Yi and others followed a blood camel team with nearly a hundred blood camels. Half of these blood camels are dragging Lingquan, and the other half are people. Because the aura in the desert is extremely thin, if you don’t drink Lingquan for three days every day, you will die of spiritual exhaustion.
The spiritual spring in the desert is more important than the spiritual fruit. Every spiritual palace is full of spiritual springs, and the blood hunchback spiritual spring is consigned by the Gu Hua family to the East Desert to sell goods.
Sisi is the first time to enter the desert, and it is the first time to ride the blood camel. She has a strong sense of freshness. At this time, I don’t know which blood camel to play in.
Guo Yi, on the other hand, stayed in the center with a bloody hunchback and a gorgeous room. In the room, there were lines to make it extra comfortable.
Guo Yi sat down and took out the jack-o’-lantern order, gently stroking the five crow lines on his face. This is what the five ghosts have changed. Although Guo Yi received the five ghosts, he could not put them in their own place. He decided to study them carefully.

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