"Start with the two of you," Dilling said.

"Well, please"
Xu tui took the initiative to retreat to one side, looking generous, but did not know that anyone knew that Xu tui was actually far away from Dilin Xiliude and close to the main hall gate.
In the event of an accident, the horse teleported away.
If the accident is said, it is very likely that it will be in Dreybras.
But it won’t do if the entourage kills him.
These two Hmong people will be even more valuable if they stay to live this future.
"Derek, please answer me. Have I ever betrayed our Maya? Betraying the High Lord! " Dilling’s problem is very acute.
But in an instant, Xu retreated and hung a faint smile, which was a slight delay.
Because of the meat mountain, Derry didn’t even have a horse to answer!
No horse answers, which means there is a problem!
There is no problem after rehearsing similar problems before.
Suddenly, Xu retreated and caught a glimpse of the strong holy power emitted by the staff in front of Bishop Xiliude. It should be a magical reason that made Roushan Derui hesitate.
Xu retreated with a smile on his face, but he didn’t fluctuate, but he was in the dark.
This is exposed?
Really special …
Spirit slowly injected into the left eye Xu retreat is ready to escape.
And Derry’s hesitation in Roushan made Bishop Xiliu DeDilin’s eyes catch Derry’s eye at the same time.
Something wrong with this guy?
"Does your Excellency secretly complain that it is … betrayal?" Meat mountain Derek stammered.
"complaining? Have you complained about anything? " Bishop Xiliude was startled, and so was Xu’s retreat.
"I had a complaint when I was sent to Manyo, and it was … resentment!" Roushan Derui looked at himself at this time.
"Dissatisfaction with the Lord is understandable and acceptable, but ultimately you have to return to the Lord’s embrace, that is, loyalty to the Lord." Bishop Cyrus sticks a stick.
"Then there is no"
"no?" Dilling doubts
This time, Derry answered firmly, and the commander in chief Dilling looked at Bishop Xiliude, but he waved his hand and made Ruitong pass.
Xu retreat, spirit fluctuation motionless secretly is a sigh of relief for the first time.

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