It was at this time that Xu’s face suddenly changed.

Xu said, "Maybe we can’t run any more."
Charles quickly wiped his mouth and said, "What?"
Xu gasped because he saw something with super vision.
A man is holding a gun barrel about 300 meters away.
Even if you have the ability, you can protect yourself. If you continue to escape, you will be ruined.
Xu Shi did not expect that Gastown had fallen to this point.
There is no other and most direct way to solve this problem in reality.
"Charles, if you come to the car and you are in danger, leave immediately."
Chapter two hundred and ninety Xu
Charles was intrigued when he heard this sentence.
"What do you mean?"
"The other side has a cannon."
Xu didn’t explain too much and went straight to the door.
When Charles Alice King heard this, his pupils shrank with a jerk.
Of course, when the cannon appeared, they had no chance to escape.
The mafia in Gastown dared to perform such a scene in the street.
It’s not that anyone can’t think of the problem because death has come to them now.
Their escape will make the head of death fall sickle.
But what does Xu Xianche do?
Do you want to die?
Charles wanted the car to go to Xu, but found that the control door button had been broken and the door was locked, and no one could play.
At this time, people in the streets have already fled far away.
Gastown actually seems to be some war, which makes Xu feel chilling.
Is the mafia so rampant now?
But in order to live and make promises, we must use wisdom.
At this time, force cannot solve all problems.
Sports cars, cross-country, and police have all stopped.
Xu Eugene’s family was surrounded.
Xu Shen showed his hands and said, "I want to see your boss."
Xu German is still so authentic.
The answer is that Xu is not these mafia words, but a gun.
It was a sniper bullet that penetrated from the roof of a tall building.
I don’t see how Xu moved, but my feet stepped out of the lotus-like shape and then continued to stay in place.
This scene made everyone raise their eyebrows.
Those mafia people know very well that maybe this is dodging sniper bullets.
Mafia people also fired sniper bullets for nothing. How good the marksmanship is, but I never thought that Xu could stand still and avoid sniper bullets. This is incredible.
The sniper gunman obviously felt a little incredible and felt humiliated, and released three shots in a row.
Although there were three bullets first, they locked Xu’s retreat.
It was Xu who felt the trajectory of sniper bullets with his beast-like perception, and then it was like throwing flying stones and avoiding them in the villa yard when he first learned ghost dancing.
Although Shier is dense, he still hides with the lotus step by virtue of the gap in his successive characteristics.
The first lotus step of the ghost step is really amazing.
Of course, this is also due to the fact that Lotus Step has fifty times the ear strength, vision and perception of ordinary people.
If everyone has the ability of hearing, sight and perception, then the lotus step will not be the first but the third.
Lotus step Xu ability blessing has become extremely powerful.
And as the sniper gunner to permit nai all pupils tightly shrink up.
Xu still didn’t sink there. "I can see your boss now?"
Answer Xu is still not the sound of mafia, but the sound of rifle pistol firing
Although the sniper rifle is more accurate and biting, there are too few bullets. The mafia decided to greet Xu with pistols and rifles and submachine guns.
This bomb is as dense as a wall.
But Xu is not stupid. How can he not move there and let these bullets hit himself?
Xu body with a flash to move the flash step.
The ghost step and the second flash step are really fast and fast.
Xu’s figure was out of the shell wall in an instant, and when Xu appeared in front of people’s field of vision again, it was already in front of the mafia with guns.
Xu moves like arms as if swept out of the shadow. In a moment, the guns in the hands of the Mafia have been taken away and kneaded into clouds of iron mud.
It’s not difficult for a terrorist force to knead a gun into a circle.
Now everyone looks at Xu as if watching a ghost.
Xu asked for the third time, "Now I can always see your boss?"
This time, the answer is still not an answer, but a machete in the hands of these mafia
Sniper shooting can’t kill you
A dense bullet can’t kill Xu
These mafia groups are going to use cold weapons.
Sometimes cold weapons are more powerful than hot weapons.
No one can ignore cold weapons.
At the moment, there are at least a hundred people in the street mafia, and it is like a black flood rushing into the street.
Xu instant was buried by the dark crowd.
The car Charles Alice King looked as if he had been punched in the heart by a big hand.
Just now, they saw Xu dodging bullets and kneading guns into iron mud.
They didn’t expect Xu to be able to do this scene, which is simply incredible.
But now?
Even if you can avoid bullets, it is fast. Even if you can knead guns into iron mud, it is powerful. Now it is like an agile gorilla being surrounded by crowds.
This speed is certain to be exerted, and no force is certain to be exerted. So what should we do?

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