The evil spirits looked at him and said nothing.

Gu Qingshan gradually smiled and said, "Interesting. Will you follow me?"
….. seems a little tricky. It’s not that easy to leave.
The evil spirit monk across the street held his hands in an urn and said, "Every time you entered the evil spirit world, I stepped on it, said every word and did everything, and I analyzed it several times. I also spent a lot of resources and tried several ways to arrange all the places where you stayed to be sent to the battlefield to ensure that you would not run away at the first time."
Gu Qingshan looked a little slow. "I am flattered that you spend so much energy."
"Don’t mention it. Dare to ask who the cabinet is?" The evil spirit asked.
Gu Qingshan said, "I am the eternal abyss. Killing people in the abyss is a terrorist. The demon king is called the big monster dragon."
The evil spirit was silent for a moment.
"Big monster dragon? It seems that you are not telling the truth. "
He drew a pair of sharp long claws from the void and put on his hands to pose.
Gu Qingshan took out a pair of lux gloves and smiled. "You are a strange enemy."
"You are strange, too." That humanity.
The two men are ready to fight and will start at any time.
The man suddenly said, "All the mines you have stayed in have been mined. No one will come, but if we fight, the motive force will still disturb others to check the situation."
"It seems that you don’t want to disturb others your identity-"Gu Qingshan way.
"I guess you don’t want to disturb people either." That’s humane
"Then what did you cut me off for?" Gu Qingshan asked
"I didn’t know until I played" that humanity.
He suddenly disappeared.
Gu Qingshan pupil contraction fierce hit a punch behind him.
The dark flame passed by and hit a pair of sharp claws.
The man flew like leaves in the wind and went out to paste the tunnel wall.
Gu Qingshan also took a step back.
Both of them restrained their strength and did not affect the whole tunnel. There was almost no fighting sound.
-they purely spell moves.
"It’s interesting that you are rare among evil spirits in boxing, but I also have many moves that I am going to ask the cabinet for advice." That humanity.
Gu Qingshan thoughtfully emerged in my heart and learned some boxing in the past.
He put on a posture with his hands in front and fists in the back.
The man immediately descended like a ghost.
Two people fighting together instantly changed hundreds of hands, and finally Gu Qingshan was blown by a cold mountain and had to retreat repeatedly.
He put on a defensive again and his eyes moved slightly.
An inch on the right side of his heart was punctured by claws, and blood gurgled out.
In the dark tunnel, you can clearly hear his tunnel jingling not far away, even the complaints and curses of mine maintenance can be clearly heard.
-two people play still didn’t disturb people
"Do you want to kill me this way?" Gu Qingshan is interested in asking
"I have no illusions about this, and I want to compete with you in pure moves. Of course, if you would rather die than move your strength in this competition, I will not pity you." The man shook his head.
Gu Qingshan mused, "What is the fun of playing like this?"
The man didn’t answer himself. "I can feel that you still have some powerful fists, but they all need to be infused with source power or other power to blow up the whole mine-but that will also attract others. You and I can’t get along well-I advise you not to."
Gu Qingshan sighed, "Can’t you let me go?"
It’s really bad boxing. It’s too noisy. If you need to move the yellow spring source, it will definitely attract the attention of others outside.
However, boxing itself is really not much except bad meetings.
The man gently waved his claws and said, "Take something else to make you move better than me, and I will naturally leave you alone."
Say that finish, he once again came to dance with sharp shadows all over the sky.
Gu Qingshan took a step back only to find himself leaning against the rock wall.
Those sharp cutting shadows enveloped him everywhere, and there was no way to deal with them with fists.
At this moment, he was either killed on the spot or encouraged the yellow source to completely burst into destructive power to clear the way-
Flint his hand suddenly moved a.
A sword appeared in his hand and gently pressed against the surging claw shadow.
Make no sound.
No firm but gentle
However, the shadow of the claws disappeared
The blade of a long sword sticks to the other side directly, and the claws will not move.
This sword theory is excellent in both strength and skill.
The man was pinned down by a sword and his paws changed several times, but there was still no way to take a few steps back.
"It turned out to be a sword repair," he said
"Yes, I still don’t have enough time to fight unnoticed-I guess you have painstakingly created such an environment to see what I am best at." Gu Qingshan asked.
The man stared at Gu Qingshan hand sword sigh a way
"There’s no way you and I can tell who you are by your weapons now."
"Weapons?" Gu Qingshan looked at the hands of the sword.
The man’s hands shook and his claws suddenly disappeared and said
"Yes, I know this sword in your hand, so I can determine your identity."
"-Gu Qingshan, the double sword holder of heaven and earth"
Gu Qingshan raised his eyebrows and sank, "What is the pavilion?"

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