上海龙凤419,阿拉爱上海后花园,上海419论坛,上海花千坊 品茶上课论坛 "…" Dragonfly laughs and doesn’t talk, but it doesn’t deny that the waves say that the waves are turning the rudder. This is called leaving Wu Xin with fear. Being cultivated means that Wu Xin has cultivation, just like a friend. The quality of your friends greatly affects your personal impression.

"…" Dragonfly laughs and doesn’t talk, but it doesn’t deny that the waves say that the waves are turning the rudder. This is called leaving Wu Xin with fear. Being cultivated means that Wu Xin has cultivation, just like a friend. The quality of your friends greatly affects your personal impression.

The dread gave in, but the screw and the polar bear didn’t let Mifune bravely sail towards the vortex.
In the end, Dream was ahead of a horse’s nose and hit the line successfully. The vortex disappeared instantly. The polar bear collided with the screw. Because there was no collision angle, the bow was quite like two ships hitting the rocks. One or two ships split the waves and sighed, "They must feel that Dream is too unkind to grab the vortex while giving themselves news."
Wave said, "Old White, you say hello to the Golden Deer. We have to prepare to go to the ship burial without accompanying him to collect protection. We have collected it for a long time, and each person has less hardware than the real fall in price."
The cockroach asked, "Are you worried that the sheep boat burial will be bullied?"
"Ha bully sheep? Have you ever bullied? " Waves despise cockroaches. "I’m worried that the sheep and the witch will not come back after mixing for a long time. My family will have different hearts. Whoever seduces my gunner will kill Lao Wang far away."
"I’ll leave it to you to crack the vortex."
"I’ll try my best!" Bai Wen is still modest and afraid to know the news of the ship burial, but he has never cracked it. Just arrived today, he was taken by the Golden Deer, an international pirate, to grab all the way to protect the roots. There is no way to do it. Although Wu Xin is temporarily out of strength, the industry is busy. For example, overseas industries like Jin Lu want to expand eternal pride, so old customers have to win over and study workers. Bai Wen must be accommodating when he is a class … The activity is only on the third day.
And the fear of the number is strong because of its comprehensive strength, such as Bai Wen, a puzzle expert
Dream appeared in a smooth and quiet bay, and a sea mile away was a small island with western-style buildings on the island. What can be said about western-style buildings? Because Chinese architecture is no more than two stories high, a four-story villa can be seen on the island. On the left side of the island, there is a sea as far as the eye can see, but on the right side of the island, some ships can be seen vaguely.
Dowa pointed to the right side of the island and typed, "That place should be a very large area, about dozens of football fields, and dozens of players’ boats may be salvaging treasures in the water."
Wu Xin shook his head. "Don’t you think it’s a little weird?"
"What’s weird?" Carmen asked
"This game has always been for a reason. How can there be such a large-scale shipwreck group in all such calm waters?" Wu Xin typed "just like we picked mushrooms in the wild and were bitten by insects, because the more gorgeous and complete the mushrooms, the higher the possibility of toxicity."
Carmen asked, "Do you mean that the more large-scale shipwrecks are, the greater the danger here?"
"yes! It means this. "
Dowa typed "Learn some basic information on the island first"
After the dock was an open-air island, it was not found that NPC had a long-standing signboard written in all kinds of main characters and a signboard for automatic food and material vending machines. Welcome to the shipburial. The adventurer also said that a paper map can be obtained by throwing a treasure into the vending machine, which made Wu Xin very puzzled. This signboard was either too stupid or contained profound meaning.
When we get to the island, we can see clearly that the sunken ship area is the east of the island, and the sunken ship wreckage and the players are all on the island. The cliff treasure there is not urgent. As the saying goes, sharpening the knife is not a mistake. If the woodcutter gets the treasure so easily, then the players here would have run out of 100 treasures earlier, and three people are still investigating this island.
After meeting in an hour, Dowa first reported that she found that there were cliffs in the depths of the island, and there were no cracks in the rock walls. We could see that there were no NPC in these buildings.
Carmen reported that "the situation is the same, but there is a bell tower here."
"Bell tower?" This Wu Xin knows it’s opposite the building, but he doesn’t see anything strange.
Carmen explained that "there is no second hand in the clock tower, and if you don’t carefully observe and wait patiently or compare the game time with his time, you may not find any problems."
Dova "What’s the problem? Is it slow or fast? "
"Neither!" Carmen said, "The minute hand and the hour hand turn counter-clockwise, as if …"
"Like a countdown?" Wu Xinwen
"yeah!" Carmen shivered. "Although it’s a game, I just found it a little creepy."
"I found something, too, but Carmen, you don’t want to hear it." Wu Xin took out two conch display surfaces to show the value of dead conch.
Dova "What?" Whether a fish comes out alive or alive in a package is a dead conch. Just say that Wu Xin died before putting it in a package. According to Dowa’s understanding of Wu Xin, Wu Xin doesn’t seem to be a person who can do such a chat.
"It’s not so weird where they were found." Wu Xin pointed to the building and found it on the roof.
"…" Carmen gasped after sorting out the data. "That is to say, at the end of the countdown, the sea will overflow the building and even the whole island, and then the victims, including our damaged dock ship, will be swept to the shipwreck."
Wu Xin nodded. "This is the cause and effect of the shipwreck. Carmen, what time did you just watch it?"
"Three o’clock!"
"If we don’t guess wrong, we have three hours," Wu Xin said. "We will immediately salvage the treasure and get two treasures with good luck, so we can buy a map and take another treasure out of here according to the map instructions." Wu Xin reached the final conclusion.
"hey! Sheep "little fan" says hello. "I heard my brother say that you killed two foreign girls in a rage."
"You have been an aunt for nine months and still believe your brother?" Wu Xin’s arrival at the shipwreck can be said that there are fewer people and more strange people. The element number of the three-stage iron turtle is located at the mouth of the water. Looking at Wu Xin’s teeth, it is a bit sour. I am afraid that it is not easy for the ship to sink except for the docking. The official name of the ship is Chinese heavy warships. Not all third-class ships can hang Chinese prefixes, but they must have characteristics. It is only by adding extreme points to defense and speed that they can be called angry blades and pure transport ships. The third-class name of Chinese large commercial sailboats and large military sailboats do not hang Chinese characters.
Appellations are also gradually formed, such as players’ customary laws, such as fast, fast in English, fast in China, and so on. The names of ships need to be recognized to know if they are not fluent in language, but the lookout for ship-based names can be obtained at the first time.
The little fan came to wear sunglasses and drink beer. The big sister was shocked by Wu Xin’s words and jumped up nervously and asked, "Don’t joke."
What kind of person are you kidding? I’m not allowed to talk nonsense. Wu Xin laughed and asked, "What’s your record?"
"Two treasures in twelve hours, do you think it’s good or bad?" The small fan also takes care of the hand in the southeast. "There are fewer sharks there."
"…" Wu Xin Khan asked "Shark?"
"Oh … I forgot," Xiao Fan suddenly said, "Your ship configuration is really a little difficult for sharks."
"…" Wu Xin turned to type and explained the matter. "Do we order an iron cage?"
Carmen answered the irrelevant question thoughtfully, "shepherd, why do I feel that you know people everywhere? Even if you don’t know others, everyone seems to know you?"

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