Three huge fireballs

Instantaneous toward tam flew past.
In the face of this attack
Tam doesn’t even have any intention of avoiding it.
These three fireballs hit themselves.
Boom boom …
Accompanied by three huge explosions
Tam’s body was immediately wrapped in flames.
You can see this scene, hell, three-headed dog
Not only was there no trace of joy, but it was very shocking.
Because of the flame burning Tam.
Smile has never changed.
Obviously, such an attack poses a threat to it by law.
In the eyes of the three-headed dog in hell
Tam slowly opened his mouth.
Miaomushan fairy method!
As Tam opened his mouth
A strong suction comes out of its mouth.
The flame that haunt it.
Is almost a moment was swallowed up by tam.
After eating these flames
Tam wiped his mouth and disdained to vomit polluted air.
Then he looked at the three-headed dog in hell and showed a provocative look.
As if to say that you attacked … Is that true?
Facing Tam’s provocation
Where can the hell three-headed dog stand it?
Hell, the three-headed dog got up.
Roar to the sky again
Domain, Hell Gate … Open!
In this roar
Behind the three-headed dog in hell, the door of hell slowly opened.
A pair of ferocious sulfur arms appeared at both ends of the door frame of hell.
And slowly pulled his body out of the hell gate.
All over the fire, the devil of hell slowly appeared in front of everyone.
It turns out that the hell gate summoned by the hell three-headed dog is not an illusion but a reality!
It is almost the same as Tam’s magic and wonderful wood channeling.
After Tam summoned the toad of Miaomushan
Adopt a fusion approach.
The three-headed dog in hell directly summons the creatures in hell.
However, Lu Yuan soon realized that this infernal demon was not a complete infernal demon.

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